Follow Us Around: San Francisco, California

Woo the last of our travel adventures! San Francisco was a blast and dare I say it was actually warm there (at least on our last few days)! There was so much yummy food to be eaten, so many succulents growing everywhere, and so so so much walking. We were troopers and ended up walking around 10 miles a day. By the end of the week I think my calves doubled in size. Warning: This post is lahhhong. Like sit down and bring you cup of tea and snack and stay for a while long. Better make yourself comfortable.

The first night we were there we had dinner at Gracias Madre and it was ahhhhmazing. Vegan Mexican food. gah I’m going to dream about that place..

Day 1 started off with us going to the botanical gardens in Golden Gate Park. It was the absolute perfect place to be as it was raining and cold outside and we were getting way sick of the weather. The botanical gardens were toasty warm because it is basically a giant terrarium. San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateSan Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate




Freaking koi… anyone else scared of these guys? Just me…?

Once we hyped ourselves up to go back into the rain we took an Uber over to Judahlicious for some lunch. We shared an acai ice cream bowl and some yummy and warm soup.


Acai perfection

After lunch we headed back to explore Golden Gate Park more (it’s huge!). Warning: so many succulent pictures to come.

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_5128IMG_5135IMG_5131

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

Succulent monster

We also wondered through the Japanese Gardens in hopes that we’d end up in the tea shop but quickly discovered it was outside and packed full of people. So we each stood in front of this thing and then left to find a tea shop we could sit and warm up in. San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_5141Rose took us on a bit of a wild goose chase trying to find a tea shop, but it was well worth it  because look at that delicious matcha latte and pumpkin spice cake we got. San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateAfter our tea stop we made our way to the Full House house. There she be with a nice pretty car out front.IMG_0177San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateThe day ended with us walking, yes walking, to Little Gem for some dinner. We both got this delicious bowl of veggies in a curry sauce over rice.IMG_5153

Day 2 started with us walking down to the waterfront and along the Embarcadero. We saw Alcatraz right away.

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate


Clearly not impressed

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

I made her stand in front of the crab because #selfishallergies

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

Boats. So many boats. And birds. Fucking hate birds.

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateSan Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

We ate lunch in the marketplace in the Ferry building and then headed out to do some more splorin’ (on foot, of course). We found this random garden walkway thingy that we weren’t sure we were allowed to walk through but we did anyways because it had really cool plants and the view wasn’t bad either.San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_0242IMG_0247IMG_0252


Me being like let’s go before someone comes and yells at us for being in their garden backyard thingy


more walking.. so hilly.

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

Oh more succulents growing in random places


After all dem hills we finally made our way to Coit Tower where Rose gripped onto me for dear life as I poked my head out the window to get this pictures.

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

Who knew San Fran had some many buildings? Clearly not me.


After Coit Tower we wandered over to Lombard street. San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_0333IMG_0347We then just happened to find ourselves at Ghirardelli Square and just somehow happened to buy a bunch of chocolate… After that we made our way to dinner for the night, which was at Asian Box.

The next day we ventured over to see the Golden Gate bridge.San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateSan Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_0426


IMG_0447We then got lunch at Nourish Cafe, which had a tasty selection of avocado toasts and smoothies. After lunch we wandered over to see the Painted Ladies. We lounged around on the green for a while and then holed up in another tea shop for the afternoon as our pale white skin New England skin couldn’t handle all the sun. IMG_0508San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_0507IMG_0518We ended up having dinner again at Gracias Madre because it was that good and who knows when we will be back next. The final day we were in San Francisco was a mild day where we just walked around a bit more (cause we didn’t do that enough already) and shopped a little. We had to buy ourselves some hats because seriously that sun was-a-burning. Of course it almost took us the whole day to buy the hats because we couldn’t find cute enough ones but it was worth it because look how cute!IMG_0354

Then we flew home! If you missed our previous travel posts go check them out – we also went to Portland and Eugene. Hope you enjoyed seeing what we did whilst traveling. Popcorn popping and craft making will resume shortly.

Follow Us Around: Eugene, Oregon

Hello Hello! I hope you all enjoyed reading about what we did in Portland because now you have what we did in Eugene, Oregon. My brother lives in Eugene and both Rose and I had never been there, so we definitely wanted to add that to our trip. I am happy that I got to see where my brother lives and explore Eugene a bit. We don’t have too many pictures from Eugene as we were only there for a couple of days but I hope you enjoy the ones we did manage to capture!

We arrived around lunch and Tyler (my brother) took us to Cafe Yumm for lunch. It was really delicious and we discovered a fruit we didn’t know existed: the marionberry. Apparently it is a type of blackberry that is ever so popular in Eugene. Once at Tyler’s we were greeted by these two crazy dogs that soon became our bffs. Boomer, the one in the chair, loved to jump up in the chair you are sitting in and snuggle up with you while Ritzy ran around the room chasing and light that she saw. For dinner we all made some super delicious pizzas topped with everything you could imagine…Eugene Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_5096

The next day it was raining (surprise, surprise) but Tyler drove us down to the coast nonetheless. It was an amazing view even and the rain seemed to hold off enough for us to enjoy it for a little while and eat some sandwiches.

Eugene Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_0057IMG_0055IMG_0057

Eugene Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

Mind the wind blown hair!


Eugene Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

Boom want’s in on the action too

We then went to Cape Perpetua, which was really cool too see and mesmerizing to stare at. Eugene Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_5082IMG_5087IMG_5083IMG_0206

That night we went to a cider house called WildCraft Cider Works with my brother and his friends. The food was delicious and the cider was amazing. Rose and I both got hooked on real cider when we studied abroad in London but haven’t been able to find anything comparable here in Boston. There are a lot of cideries out west and we definitely enjoyed being able to quench that cider thirst.

After that we had to wake up early and catch our flight to our final destination: San Francisco! Check back to see what we did there!