Follow us around: Cape Cod 4th of July

Truro bay

Well hello! We had the most amazing, fun, relaxing weekend in Cape Cod for the 4th of July. Rose’s family recently bought a beach house in Truro and invited us to stay there for the long weekend.

ping pong paddles

Truro beach

Beach towel

It was a blast! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect when we were there. The first day we were there we did a few errands to grab some food and supplies for the weekend and then jumped in the car to go to the beach. The sky was bluer than blue and although the water was colder than cold, it was quite refreshing to dip your toes in every once and a while. We relaxed and read our books, ate some lunch, played some games, and watched all the seals swim by. It was a very calming first day.

Shark bite

shark attack

At night we went out to dinner with Rose’s mom in Provincetown. We got some Moscow mules to sip while watching all the locals and vacationers walk by. After dinner we got attacked by a shark. I was first to go and then Rose tried to save me but got eaten up too. Good thing we had just stocked up on some fudge and salt water taffy for the weekend to soothe our injuries.

salt water taffy

The next day Rose and I went down to the bay, which is about a 5 minute walk from their house. At night we weren’t sure whether or not we wanted to stay in and cook something or go out to eat again, so we went to the food store not sure of what we wanted and then left with supplies to make tacos. But, before we even got home we decided we’d rather go out so we got dressed and went to Patio in Provincetown. It was a good decision; the food was delicious and so were the drinks! After dinner we enjoyed some wine and fudge while working on a puzzle.

4th of july

4th parade


On the 4th of July Rose and I woke up and made our way down to Provincetown to watch the parade. We were a little confused when it would start and why more people weren’t standing around but I think we were just in an odd location. The parade wasn’t anything too special, but we wanted to do something patriotic so we stayed. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and then headed back home to relax and possibly nap. Ah the beach life! We ended up exploring and Rose showed me where she used to stay when she went to the Cape as a kid.

hot dogs

For Dinner we made some hot dogs for a festive 4th dinner. At night we went back down to the bay to watch the sunset. We were going to stay and watch the fireworks as well but we bummed out and went home for more wine, fudge, and puzzle time.

sunset on the bay

sunset on the bay

The last day we were there we enjoyed it on the beach. It was probably the sunniest day we were there so we wanted to soak it all in before we had to get back on the road home to Allston. It was the perfect day to end our little mini vacation! And now we are both itching to go back, hopefully soon!

bay in cape cod