Follow us around – Strawberry picking edition

strawberry basket

Hello all! I’ve mentioned it before, but I will say it again, there is nothing better than fresh fruit in the summer. Whether it is waking up in the morning to a nice ripe peach to put in your breakfast, or having been outside in the hot sun all day and taking a bite of a juicy piece of watermelon; I can’t get enough fruit in the summer! Rose thinks I am crazy for craving fruit after we go on a long run, but nothing else will hit the spot than a cool refreshing piece of fruit. Am I alone in this??

strawberry basket


Well, to encourage my fruit cravings we decided to go strawberry picking! We went to Verrill Farm in Concord, MA. The day we decided to go also happened to be Strawberry Festival so there was live music, BBQ food, hay rides, and the likes going on. It was a blast and we came home with a few pounds of strawberries that we have been munching on in everything ever since. Yum!


Rose strawberry

It was the perfect day out; it was sunny with a light breeze. Good thing we put on sunscreen before we left! Our pale winter skin wouldn’t have been able to handle the heat. We enjoyed a nice picnic for lunch and listened to the band play. There were kids going crazy, high on strawberries and pony rides, running around all over the place.

strawberry box

We couldn’t have left without sneaking some homemade strawberry shortcake with whipped cream. They had a big batch made for the festival and it was positively delicious.

Rose corn

Haley scarecrowBefore we left we had to stick our heads into the corn on the cob and the scarecrow #lifegoals.

Rose and Haley strawberry picking

Simple Spring Spinach Salad

Spinach saladOh, hello there Spring! I hardly noticed you with all the wind and rain happening. I’m glad you have made an appearance and I am equally glad you were able to melt all that snow winter left behind. Flowers are blooming, dresses are flowing in the wind (albeit a little too much sometimes), allergies are in full force. Oh what a glorious time of year! I joke, I do truly love spring, especially before it gets too too hot.

Fresh green saladOne thing I look forward to the most in Spring and Summer in general is the abundance of fresh fruit. We buy certain fruit like blueberries and strawberries all year round, but there is nothing like biting into that perfectly ripened in season berry. Yum! I will eat the whole carton of blueberries in one siting if Rose doesn’t stop me.

Spring spinach saladThis simple salad incorporates and welcomes all the beautiful in-season berries that you could imagine. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, oh my! I have to keep adding in more and more fruit because I pick it out as I’m assembling the salad.. sometimes I just can’t wait!yellow placemat

We like our berries to rest on a nice bed of spinach, but any lettuce will do. We also cut up some carrots, snap peas, and tomatoes to add in some extra veggies and crunch.

veggie spring saladAside from all the juicy berries in this salad, I also love how adaptable it is to whatever taste you are craving or what is in season. Sometimes we add chicken, sometimes we add in some mango, sometimes we even add in some sesame sticks or croutons – I know, living on the edge. Dress it up with a quick toss in extra virgin olive oil and some balsamic and you’re good to go.

spring saladAt the first sign of Spring I always start making this salad and bringing it for lunch or having it on the side of dinner. It is refreshing and simple to make, which is what I crave in the warmer months. Do you guys have any go to spring/summer meals?

crunchy spinach salad

spring saladSpring Spinach Salad

April Favorites

Hello May! I hope everyone has had a splendid start to this month, I know we have over here. We thought we would stop by and share what we were loving in April as May is already almost half way through, better late than never!

So, what have we been loving this past month you ask?

April Favorites.001

For food it has been all things smoothie bowls. Both Rose and I have been eating them like they are going out of style. We have particularly been loving throwing some spinach into them and frozen mango. Top it up with some granola and what a delicious breakfast!

Now that spring is here and the fruit is fresher, we cannot stop buying the huge family size pack of strawberries at the store and eating every last one of them. We have even been adding them to our smoothie bowls, yum!

Lastly, for an afternoon treat, we’ve been munching on this bar nonstop. It has been my go to chocolate of choice lately. It is so soft and creamy and just melts right in your mouth. Plus, it’s from David’s Tea which is such a fun store to peruse and buy too much tea you don’t need.

For makeup/skin care Rose has been loving her Maybelline Color Whisper in Plum Prospect. It is a fun bright color for spring. I have been loving this face mask from Mario Badescu. It makes my feel skin soft and fresh after a day of wearing makeup.

For clothes, I have been wearing my Toms non-stop this season. It still is too soon to wear sandals so Toms are a good in-between wear, especially on days I have to walk a lot.

For books/movies we both loved loved loved Big Hero 6. It was so cute and funny! We are itching to watch it again. In terms of books, I absolutely loved We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler. I thought it was a great read and now I’m making Rose read it so we can discuss it.

That’s it lovies! Check back shortly for some new posts and I hope you all enjoy the month of May!