10 Simple Valentine’s Day DIYs

Eeeek! Valentine’s day is 6 days away! If you are still searching for something cute and simple to give your friends/loved ones then you have come to the right place because we are sharing 10 simple Valentine’s day DIYs. All of these DIYs are easy to make and involve minimal supplies so you don’t have to worry about rushing out to buy some weird material you won’t ever use again just to make the project. We got you, babe ūüėČ

Without further ado, here are 10 simple Valentine’s Day DIYs

Cupid’s Donut Hole Arrows by Squirrelly Minds020514-cupids-donut-hole-arrows-blank

Message Bracelet Valentine by Lindsey Craftervalentines-bracelet-3-min

90’s Pun Valentines by Well Kept Chaos1485449174811

Candy Heart Planters by Popcorn & ChocolateCandy Heart Plant Pot for Valentine's Day | Popcorn and Chocolate

Cardboard Heart Tassel Necklaces by Hello, Wonderfulimg_9525-copy1

Valentine’s Day Notebook by The Crafted Lifevalentines_day_notebooks-3

Stamped Air Dry Clay Bowls by Alice & Loisdiy-stamped-air-dry-clay-bowls-10

Heart Bath Bombs by The Suburban Momvalentines-day-bath-bomb-diy-tag

Geometric Heart Print by Rae of Sparklesdiy-geometric-heart-print

Printable Lyric Hearts by Popcorn & ChocolateFree Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & Chocolate

If you are looking for some more Valentine’s day ideas check out our Pinterest!

Christmas lights gift wrap | Popcorn and Chocolate

Christmas Lights Gift Wrap Inspired by Stranger Things

Christmas lights gift wrap inspired by Stranger Things | Popcorn and ChocolateThis Christmas lights gift wrap is so festive and fun and it is perfect to make for any of your Stranger Things obsessed friends. Keep reading below to find out how to make this Christmas lights gift wrap!

Christmas lights gift wrap inspired by Stranger Things | Popcorn and Chocolate

When Stranger Things first came out and everyone was raving about it I convinced myself I would not like it. I mean sci-fi isn’t quite my forte. But, I just couldn’t resist all the hype and I am so glad that I got sucked in because Oh.My.God. That show was ahhmazing.¬†The actors/actresses, the costumes, the 80’s vibes… everything – so good.

Christmas lights gift wrap | Popcorn and Chocolate

Once Halloween rolled around there were so many costumes popping up inspired by Stranger Things. My favorite by far was this pair.¬†But, as it is near Christmas¬†and not Halloween, we’ve taken this inspiration into some gift wrap that you can easily DIY onto any present you are giving this holiday season. All you need to make this gift wrap is some colored paper, string, and glue.

Christmas lights gift wrap | Popcorn and Chocolate

Make your holiday season strange this year with this Stranger Things inspired gift wrap.


  • Colored paper
  • Black string
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Glue gun
  • Black marker
  • Present


  1. Start with a wrapped present. We used just plain brown craft paper because the wall was a yellowish/brown color but feel free to use any plain color you desire!DIY Christmas lights wrapping paper
  2. Cut out small Christmas light bulbs from your colored paper.DIY Christmas lights wrapping paper
  3. Cut out small black rectangles to top your bulbs.DIY Christmas lights wrapping paper
  4. Using Mod Podge and a paint brush, glue on the bulbs and black tops to your present. Be careful not to glob a lot of glue on Рjust a little bit will do. DIY Christmas lights wrapping paper
  5. Taking a black marker write out either who the present is for or a festive saying.DIY Christmas lights wrapping paper
  6. Cut a piece of black string to the length you desire and then place it on your present above the bulbs. Lay out how you want the string to fall – we added some curlicues to ours by just twisting the string into a circle.DIY Christmas lights wrapping paper
  7. Once you have your string placed where you want it, take your glue gun and put the tiniest of dots underneath various points of the string. We glued ours down at the beginning and end and then where it met the Christmas lights as well as any curlicues so they would stay in place.

Christmas lights gift wrap | Popcorn and Chocolate

Your friends and family will love receiving a gift wrapped up in Christmas lights reminiscent of the wall on Stranger Things. It is simple to make and a lot of fun to give out!

Christmas lights gift wrap | Popcorn and Chocolate

Let us know in the comments below if you watched Stranger Things and who your favorite character was! Make your holidays strange this year!

Christmas lights gift wrap inspired by Stranger Things | Popcorn and Chocolate


Last minute gift idea for your creative friends and family

DIY last minute gift tag idea from Popcorn & ChI’m sure you guys are all super on top of your holiday shopping, and I’m sure none of you have any last minute gifts to buy. But if you’re like me, you’ve finally remembered how to Christmas shop and finally (one week before Christmas) you’re getting into the groove of it!

DIY last minute gift tag presentDIY last minute holiday gift tags from Popcorn & Chocolate

I find that¬†one of the most fun things to give is something you made. Every year, I like to make my presents unique in one way. I like to make¬†unique gift tags every year. One year I used paint chips and made small snowy chalk drawings on each one. It’s fun because you can make each one different. This is what I made last year. I thought they came out great! And I may just have to make more of our ugly sweater gift tags this year.

DIY last minute holiday gift tag present idea from Popcorn & Chocolate

If¬†you’re like me and have friends and family who also like to be crafty and creative with their gifts this DIY is sure to be a hit for the holidays. I came up with this holiday gift tag gift based on what I gave my mom last year as a gift. And mom, if you’re reading this, just send me a quick text if you want me to gift you the DIY from this post!

DIY Last minute holiday gift tags from Popcorn & ChocolateDIY last minute holiday gift tags from Popcorn & Chocolate

Since gift tags are so fun for everyone, I thought why not grab a bunch of craft paper in fun prints for birthdays and holidays and neutral or solid prints and cut it into the classic gift tag shape.

What you’ll need:

  • fun printed craft paper
  • a single hole punch
  • string (I particularly like baker’s twine, but we didn’t have any)
  • optional: washi tape, stamps


After you’ve cut out the gift tag shape, punch a hole in the top, and stick on hole reinforces if you like. Tie a cute string through the hole by doubling the string over and sticking the looped end through the hole. Then feed the two loose ends through the loop so that your present receiver can tie the loose ends of the string to their gift. If you’re feeling really inspired, you could make a few of our ugly sweater to add to the gift¬†as well :). Use some washi to outline some of the tags if you want! Also, if you have stamps, you could stamp “to / from” on some or whatever you want,¬†but personally, I think blank will get the most use out of it. Package that up in a cute box with tissue paper, throw in a few rolls of washi tape and maybe a cute jell pen or two, and there’s the perfect gift! My mom would love it (right mom?) and I’m sure your friends and family would too!


Tell us – are you all set for the holidays are do you have some last minute scrambling to do like us? Do you put gift tags on your presents?

DIY last minute gift tags | Popcorn & Chocolate