What We Ate 8/17/15 – 8/22/15

Hey everyone! Just sharing our delicious eats we had for dinner last week. I have to start to figure out what we want to make next week as well. If you have any suggestions comment below!

BBQ chicken Asian salad

Monday: Chopped Asian BBQ Chicken Salad from Half Baked Harvest. We absolutely love this salad! We’ve made it a couple of times before and I always forget how simple and quick it all comes together. Those tortilla chips are sooo good.

Cauliflower rice and sweet potatoes

Tuesday: Spicy Cauliflower Rice, Cinnamon-Paprika Sweet Potatoes & Avocado Mash from Blissful Basil. We recently got into making cauliflower rice and have been trying out different recipes that involve it. This one was simple oh so delicious. The sweet potatoes were probably my favorite part!

Peach pizza

Peach pizza and salad

Wednesday: Peach Pizza with a side salad. This is our go to pizza recipe in the summer – it is refreshing and light. I can’t get enough peaches! Yum!

Thursday: Leftover Cauliflower Rice with Cinnamon-Paprika Sweet Potatoes. Still good leftover!

Friday: Leftover Peach Pizza. It’s Friday so we had to have some pizza to ring in the weekend!

Saturday: Takeout – we were out and about running errands so we grabbed some quick food to go.

What We Ate 6/7/15 – 6/13/15

Hello! Have you missed us? We have been busy bees moving apartments and living with about 1094 boxes in all of our rooms. As you can imagine we haven’t had much time or room to keep up with PAC these last few weeks. However, we are back and coming up with some fun summer treats to share! But, as always, first we will share what we have been munching on the past few days.


Monday & Tuesday: Brussels sprout salad, chicken, and roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips. This was a hog podge dinner that we just threw together with what we had in our fridge. We roasted the sweet potatoes and parsnips in a little bit of salt and pepper and some rosemary.



Wednesday: Stir fry veggies summer rolls. We have been on a summer roll kick lately! I’m not sure if it is because we have been trying to use up a whole pack of rice paper rolls or if it is because they are so fresh and delightful when it is hot outside, probably a little bit of both. We stir-fried up some peppers, zucchini, corn, and asparagus in a dash of soy sauce and some teriyaki and then rolled them in the rice paper with avocado. Yummo!

Thursday: Cambridge, 1. Rose met me at work and we strolled into Cambridge to grab a slice (or two) of pizza before I had to head back to work.

Friday: More summer rolls!

Saturday: Beat Hotel . We went out to dinner with Rose’s parents at the Beat Hotel in Cambridge. It was really yummy and very filling, we both got their Earthly Delight Bowls, which feature a grain, a protein of choice, and some vegetables. We will definitely be going back as they have a long cocktail list (not to mention 36 types of wine on tap!?)

What We Ate 5/17/15 – 5/23/15

Woo what a week! Is it just me or has anyone else had a crazy busy week?? And with our move coming up shortly things are only going to get busier and busier. Plus where did May go? I thought it was still April.. Okay, okay enough complaints from me. Even though this week was hectic we still managed to throw together some super delicious and healthy meals. Okay, maybe Rose was able to throw together most of the meals, but I was able to eat and enjoy them!


Sunday: Cereal! We drove back from Hanover, NH this day and decided to do our grocery shop without stopping at home. We both were pretty exhausted and craving something simple and sweet so we put away all our nice fresh veggies and fruit and opted for a big bowl of cereal instead. Some days you just have to!

Veggie burger Mango cucumber salsa

Monday: Veggie burgers with cucumber mango salsa. We are currently trying to clean out our freezer, which means we will be eating even more veggie burgers than we normally do. I ain’t complaining! We made this cucumber and mango salsa as a side.

Spring rolls

Tuesday: Thai Summer Rolls. We had these last week and were dying to have them again so we used our leftover rice papers to make up another batch. Yum yum yum!

Brussel sprout taco IMG_1513

Wednesday: Kale and brussels sprout tacos. Rose graciously whipped these up for us and they came out excellent. Definitely will be making these again!

Be good

Thursday: I was working late so Rose met me for a take out dinner at work. We had B.good and it hit the spot. We each got salads and then shared some sweet potato fries.

Friday: Leftover kale and brussels sprout tacos. yumm!


Saturday: Pizza night! We had this pizza in the freezer taking up so much space for the past few months and we finally got around to making it. It had sausage, pepperoni, peppers, and onions. We both had salads on the side as well. Love frozen pizzas!

What We Ate 4/5/15 – 4/11/15

How was everyone’s week last week? Hopefully warm and sunny! Happy late Easter and Passover for those of you who celebrate. Rose wanted to keep Passover a few nights this week so we incorporated some Matzo into some of our meals. I enjoyed making and eating the Matzo pizza the best! Pasta with veggies

Sunday: Leftover T. Joe’s Girasoli Ricotta & Lemon Zest with broccoli, zucchini and tomatoes tossed with olive oil and some nutritional yeast (loving this stuff right now).

Rice bowl

Monday & Tuesday: Leftover spanish rice with beans, corn, avocado, and ground turkey. We had this rice leftover from last week and just made another bowl full using ground turkey instead of carnitas. This is one of our go to meals in some form or another and we always love it!

Matzo brei

Wednesday: Matzo brei. Happy Passover! Rose really wanted to make some Matzo brei and I really wanted to try it so she whipped some up. For those of you who don’t know, to make Matzo brei you just whisk up 2-3 eggs in a bowl with 2 tablespoons of milk and then break up 1-2 pieces of matzo into it. I added a few dashes of cinnamon for flavor, then scramble it up like eggs in a skillet with olive oil or butter. We had some asparagus and sweet potatoes on the side as well as some coconut yogurt with granola to match the breakfast theme.

Veggies and burger

Thursday: Veggie burger with extra veggies on the side and some cheddar bunnies. We were planning on having something different but my schedule changed last minute so we threw this together instead. Got to love those cheddar bunnies!

Friday: Out to eat at Yardhouse in Fenway. We were celebrating Rose’s birthday as well as getting a new apartment so we went out for some cocktails and dinner at Yardhouse. We both ordered tacos and they were very very good.

Matzo pizza

Saturday: BBQ Matzo Pizza with BBQ veggies. We put some BBQ sauce on top of Matzo along with some cheese and big yellow tomatoes slices. On the side we had some fresh veggies sprinkled with a BBQ seasoning mix we had on hand. Yum! The veggies we so fresh and delicious!

What we ate 2/22/15 – 2/28/15

I hope everyone is getting excited for March and spring! I definitely am minus that Boston still has a few feet of snow on the ground and the temperatures are still dropping into the negatives with windchill… Someday Boston will see the spring… and the ground for that matter. Someday.


Sunday: Oh My Veggie’s Kale pizza. We made this yummy kale pizza to eat while watching the Oscars. This pizza was amazing. The sage flavored sweet potato was so good as a base on the pizza. It’s topped with mozzarella and sautéed kale and onion. This recipe called for a different kind of cheese, but we aren’t very adventurous when it comes to cheese, so we just stuck with mozzarella and it came out great! This was so quick and easy I’m sure we will be inspired by it in the future and try to come up with some similar ideas. That mashed sweet potato, what a good idea!


Monday: Roasted chickpeas and vegetables over couscous. We roasted a variety of vegetables tossed in olive oil, King Arthur Flour’s Pizza Seasoning, and a dash of chili powder. We ate this over big Israeli couscous. All that was involved in this was chopping up all the veggies (we used red pepper, red onion, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and carrots), adding a drained can of chickpeas, tossing everything in olive oil, seasoning them generously, then roasting them at 425 for about 15 or 20 minutes, tossing them halfway through. We topped this with shaved Parmesan and slivered almonds. Quick, healthy, easy, delicious!

Tuesday: Tuesday was a little incoherent since we had agreed to meet some friends for a drink at 7:30. We came home from work and Haley had leftover ravioli and Rose made a quick wrap with avocado, salsa, turkey, lettuce, and tomato.


Wednesday: Cuban Salad Bowl from Simple Roots Wellness. This turned out awesome and so flavorful. We modified the recipe just a tad by using corn in place of cauliflower rice and chicken instead of pork. I couldn’t stop eating the plantains and the black bean mixture with avocado! Yum!


ThursdayBrussel sprouts, veggie burgers, and fruit salad. So you all know that we tend to make veggie burgers we’re either a) starving and don’t have time to cook something else or b) we did cook, but we really just made a side. So tonight was option b. We sautéed Brussel sprouts in lemon infused olive oil oil. We chopped up some strawberries and apples and tossed them with raspberries, blueberries, and pomegranate seeds for a little fruit salad on the side. Yummy quick and easy. We always love a good brussel sprout dinner!

Friday: Take-out from Whole Foods. Haley had to work late on Friday, and we had planned to eat out, but 7:30 on a Friday night in Boston is a little tricky when you can’t get reservations somewhere, so we stopped at Whole Foods and picked up some prepared food. We always think that’s a healthier alternative to take-out when we’re hungry.


Saturday: Things got a little busy on Saturday again, and though we felt like we had time to cook, we both really wanted soup, so we just made some split pea soup and had grapes, carrots, celery, and hummus on the side.

What We Ate 2/8/15-2/14/15


I hope everyone had a good week and aren’t buried in snow like we are here in Boston. Anddd we are only expecting more this coming week as well. I don’t think there is anywhere left to pile snow up anymore. We shall see Boston, we shall see.

Here is what we munched on for dinner last week. We had pre-planned what we would cook each night so there was no wasted time figuring out what we wanted each night. This is especially helpful if you work till 5 and still want to get a workout and/shower in before dinner; every minute counts!


Sunday: Whole Living Lauren Tomato, Chickpea & Sourdough Bread Soup. With the snow already starting to fall outside, this was a perfect meal to end the day with all curled up on the couch to watch the Grammy’s. We used less broth than the recipe called for as we didn’t want too too much leftover, plus I don’t know about you but I like more stuff to broth ratio in my soups. We had some crusty, crunchy bread we ate on the side of this. Also, as a side note, we had plain pasta we added to this for our lunches and it was a delicious addition.


Monday: Leftover pizza. It was National Pizza Day so naturally we had to have our leftover pizza we made on Saturday of last week. It was just as delicious leftover as it was when we first made it. I like my second-day pizza cold (is that weird?) so there was no need to even heat anything up!

IMG_0132 IMG_0127

Tuesday: Pinch of Yum’s Lentil Curry Bowls. This was delicious! We had another snow day on Tuesday so we had plenty of time to make this meal; having time to make it was what worried me when we picked it for the week. But the snow gods prevailed and we had all afternoon to slowly cook the lentils. Yum yum yum. Definitely going to make this again. We skipped out on the rice because we thought lentils were filling enough for us but we did add some avocado and piled on the cilantro cashew sauce. We also roasted some zucchini with the carrots as we had some lying around.

Wednesday: Leftover Lentil Curry Bowls. Which was good because yet again we were both stuck in crazy snow traffic after work. By the time we were home we were starving so went straight to the fridge and pulled out our leftovers; still delicious.


Thursday: How Sweet It Is Winter Chopped Salad with Roasted Sweet Potato and Blood Orange Vinaigrette. This salad was amazing! We’ve been loving blood oranges lately so we decided to try this salad out and it did not disappoint. The sweet potatoes were scrumptious as was the blood orange vinaigrette.

IMG_0157 IMG_0161

Friday: Molly’s! We drove home to my house in Hanover, NH. Once we got there it was late and we were craving their barbecue pizza so we ordered one to share and a “kale” salad that turned out to not be kale or that good for that matter. The pizza didn’t disappoint though! Olive was itching to steal a piece or two.


Saturday: Homemade sweet potato skins and a side salad. We cooked dinner for my family and were both craving sweet potatoes. We were going to do the same salad as Thursday but thought my family would need something a bit more hardy. We made potato skins topped with sautéed onion, pepper, corn, and white beans on top. They topping mixture was seasoned with chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.

What we ate 2/1/15-2/7/15

Hello! We are back sharing what we ate this past week. I’m glad people liked last weeks, so we are going to continue to share our meals of the week. I love to read other people’s post like this as it gives me inspiration for new meal ideas and it’s also just fun to see inside people’s daily schedules and plans. Does that make me sound creepy? Probably, but oh well!

This week was one that was a bit hectic as we didn’t pre-plan our meals too well. We didn’t need much in terms of veggies and fruit at the grocery store so we only bought the necessities to get us through the week. The week was full of lots of leftovers and random meals, but it also shows you what you can whip together when you having nothing planned. Which, let’s face it, happens more often than not. Without further ramblings, here is what we had to eat last week.

IMG_9867 IMG_9873

Sunday: Superbowl Sunday! This meant nachos, and lots of them! We cut up a big sweet potato into thin slices and then baked it in the oven. While that was going, we cooked some ground turkey with taco seasoning and a yellow onion. Once everything was done cooking, we spread out some chips with the cooked sweet potato slices and then topped the nacho pile with the ground turkey, onion, tomatoes, corn, pinto beans, and cheese of course! We stuck that into the oven for about 5 minutes and then enjoyed it with some fresh lettuce and avocado/salsa on the side. It was a perfect game day treat that wasn’t too heavy.


We also snacked on some popcorn and a homemade dark and stormy as the game wore on.


Monday: Leftover nachos, because we are just 2 people and always cook wayyy too much, and because leftover nachos. We had another big snow storm on Monday, which meant we had to trek through a lot of slippery snow and shovel out our parking spot. We worked up quite a hunger and were glad we had more nachos to warm us up.

IMG_9903 IMG_9904

Tuesday: Veggie burgers and random sides we could throw together. So, as mentioned, it snowed a lot yesterday. Like a lot a lot. Like sit in traffic for 2 hours and get home ravenous a lot. Yesterday it seemed liked no one was on the road as it was still snowing, but today all of a sudden everyone and their grandma was driving. Traffic was horrendous and so our 4 o’clock snacks didn’t quite hold us over long enough to cook a decent meal. Instead we did our go to meal: veggie burgers. These ones are our absolute favorite, especially with avocado all smooshed on top. We cut up some veggies and an apple for the side and grabbed some hummus to dip in. We also had some cheese puffs because we snack like we’re 10.


Wednesday: Pasta and veggies. We had a lot of veggies that needed to be used up so we boiled up some water and made pasta to go with them. We used zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, carrots, and tomatoes. All we really do is steam up the veggies and toss them in with the pasta and sauce or pesto as you please!


Thursday: Brussel sprout salad with bread and butter and a blood orange. We were both really craving crunchy bread so we bought a baguette at the store and had that with a little bit of butter and some fruit and veggies on the side. We sautéed some Brussel sprouts just with oil and salt and pepper then sautéed on the side some corn and tomatoes. We also just bought some very very delicious blood oranges so we each had one of those as well.


Friday: Big salad. As we still hadn’t planned any meals or gone to the store we were left scrounging and both ended up with big salads. I put some leftover pasta in mine.

IMG_9939 IMG_9944

Saturday: Pizza! We had this black bean pizza crust from Whole Foods in our fridge so we decided to make it pizza night. This pizza was topped with Brussel sprouts, carrots, tomatoes, corn, and mozzarella cheese. We were scared that the dough was going to be very bean-y but it wasn’t, and it turned out delicious.

Quick and Simple Chicken and Peach Pizza

Happy weekend all!

Tonight we were running (literally – we went for a late night run before dinner) late on dinner and needed something quick and easy to make. We already had a frozen pizza crust from Trader Joe’s in our freezer and since it was Friday night, naturally we thought of pizza. This pizza is very adaptable to what you are craving and how much time you want to spend on cooking. Since it was late and we were both hungry after our run, we hopped to the grocery store and grabbed a peach, pre-cooked chicken, and some mozzarella cheese. Once home we turned on the oven to preheat and then started to assemble the pizza. Since the chicken was already cooked, this took no time at all, and we were able to get the pizza in the oven right away. While the pizza was cooking we made some salads, topped with more peach, tomatoes, pepper, blueberries and oil and balsamic vinegar. It was a delicious, quick, and pretty healthy meal. This has definitely become a go to meal for us. Try it yourself and add any toppings you want!


– Frozen pizza crust – we used Trader Joe’s frozen organic pizza crusts, but anything works. We recently discovered this crust and love love love it! But feel free to make your own crust or use a gluten free one.

– Mozzarella

– Yellow peach

– Chicken – either pre-cooked chicken or cook your own

– Pizza sauce – normally we don’t use pizza sauce on this pizza but we had it in our fridge and decided to add it and it was really good.



1. Pre-heat oven per the pizza crust package’s instruction.

2. If using pizza sauce, spread sauce on top of the crust. Add mozzarella, peaches, chicken, and anything else you want!

3. Pop pizza in oven for however long the crust directions say (typically about 10 minutes)

4. Enjoy! Add a side salad to get some more veggies in your meal! Also, sometimes we make this without sauce and just put balsamic vinegar on top! Or sauce and vinegar… whatever sounds good.IMG_1398 IMG_1404 IMG_1411