DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Flamingo Piñata

DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateWe are taking a slight break from the typical Valnetine’s DIYs and Super Bowl goodies that should be going up right about now to share with you a fun DIY I made for my birthday that was on Sunday. It’s still pink though so it might be able to pass for Valentine’s Day.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateActually, this DIY flamingo piñata might do pretty well at a Galentine’s party if I do say so myself. It’s pink, it’s full of candy, it’s a flamingo – perfect for any party really.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateYou might be wondering why I chose a flamingo piñata of all things. Well, to be perfectly honest, I’ve seemed to have collected or made a lot of flamingo themed things this past year. I guess when you’ve got a whole flock of flamignos around you you sort of become associated as the flamingo lady, a title I will gladly hold.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateDIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateYou also might be wondering why flamingos of all creatures. I’m not too sure tbh. Maybe it’s because they are pink or that they stand on one leg or that they have funny necks, who really knows – just call me crazy flamingo lady and leave it at that.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateI knew I wanted to make a piñata for my birthday since I made one for Rose’s and made a cactus one, it was just a matter of what to make a piñata of. Looking back on the year flamingos seemed to come up more than once so it was a pretty easy decision from there. Now we’ve got a nice little flamingo added to our ever growing piñata collection.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateMaterials:

  • Cardboard boxes – cereal boxes worked really well
  • Cardboard paper towel rolls and/or toilet paper rolls
  • Exacto knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Streamers in pink, orange, and white
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • A helping hand

How to make the flamingo piñata:

  1. I apologize in advance for the pictures of this DIY – I needed both my hands to do most of the steps so it was a bit tricky photographing it as well, but I will do my best to describe the process. Start with drawing a flamingo body shape onto cardboard and cut out using an exacto knife. Trace this body onto another piece of cardboard and cut that out as well. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  2. Cut out a lot a lot of strips of cardboard about 2 inches across – these will be what connects the two layers of the flamingo body (and the rest of the flamingo later). I found the sides of cereal boxes were the perfect size. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  3. Cut out a head shape and then trace it onto another piece of cardboard and cut that out as well. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  4. Cut out two feet shapesDIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  5. Now it’s time to glue the two layers together. This is when a helping hand is needed. Take the two layers of the flamingo body and put hot glue on the sides of each of them then quickly place down one of the 2 inch across strips as far as it will go along the body. Do this across the top of the body and most of the bottom – but make sure to leave room for the legs. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  6. To make the legs I used 1 paper towel roll and 3 toilet paper rolls. Place the straight paper towel roll in between the two layers of the body and glue it down with hot glue. To make the bent leg place 1 toilet paper roll in between the two layers of the body and glue it there. Slightly bend another toilet roll and glue it to the first toilet paper roll. Add a third toilet paper roll to the bottom. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  7. For the neck of the bird glue 1 paper towel roll to the body.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  8. For the head, glue each of the two layers to the top of the paper towel roll. Then take another cereal box strip and glue it between the two head layers. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateDIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  9. Glue the feet to the bottom of the two legs.
  10. Now you should have a full flamingo body and can start adding the streamers. To do this start at the bottom of the flamingo (so the legs) and wrap the streamer around the area you are going to put it then cut it to that size. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  11. Add small cuts to one side of the streamer to create the fringe.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  12. Add glue to the top part of the streamer where you didn’t add the fringe. Then carefully glue it onto the birdDIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  13. Continue doing this all the way to the top.
  14. To do the back and top of the head (the cereal boxes) just cut small strips and layer them like you did for the body. Before you do the top of the head make sure to hot glue on a string so it can hang. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate


Now your flamingo is ready to mingle! DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Peace out 24 and hellooo 25! Now I’m taking this flamingo and adding it to my piñata collection.  If you have any suggestions as to another piñata I should attempt – leave them below! Also, if you have any good names to give this pretty lady comment them below! Happy crafting!

DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate

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Top 10 Posts of 2016 with Behind the Scenes

I’ve been seeing these top 10 posts of 2016 pop up all over my feed lately and was just dying to find out what Popcorn & Chocolate had in store. I can’t believe a whole other  year has gone by. This year was full of some fun crafts we shared on our blog and some not so fun transitions and moves in our personal lives. Throughout it all we’ve always had our blog going, even if it has meant spending our whole weekend dedicated to taking pictures and creating crafts. I love the grind of blogging and wouldn’t have had it any other way. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 posts from 2016 with a bit of behind the scenes commentary as well (inspired by Laurel at A Bubbly Mess).

10. Free Thanksgiving Table Printables thanksgiving grocery list | Popcorn & ChocolateAs you make your way down the list you will see that this was the year of free printables. Since they seem to do so well we will definitely incorporate lots more in 2017! Behind the scenes: I sent this picture to Rose of me using our printable to plan my Thanksgiving. Double behind the scenes: my Thanksgiving was delicious (thanks for asking), Rose’s was a disaster as her thermometer exploded in the oven and ruined her whole turkey. Thanksgiving printable

9. Flamingo and Swan Pool Float Costumes Bird pool float costumes | Popcorn & ChocolateI’m so glad you all loved these costumes as much as I did! They were a hoot to make and looked ridiculous on, which is a sure sign of a good costume. Behind the scenes: What you didn’t see with these pictures is us attempting to take them. I kept laughing at Rose behind the camera. I’m pretty sure she still has these costumes floating around her house…Pool float behind the scenes

8. Fruity Flower PotsDIY Stamped Clay Flower Pots | Popcorn & ChocolateAnother favorite DIY of mine. These guys were super fun to make but also so fun to take pictures of. Some crafts just don’t want to go your way when you are photographing them, but these little gems were great. Behind the scenes: We used one fake air plant because Rose keeps killing all of ours. Before you scroll down to the next picture can you guess which one is fake from the 3 above? Fruity pots behind the scenes

7. Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos | Popcorn and ChocolateAgain, so glad you guys liked these silly candy cane flamingos! Behind the scenes: When I was making these my mom kept laughing at me every time I went outside to spray paint them. Then I left them drying propped up in our wheelbarrow in the garage so everyone saw them whenever they went in out of the garage. This was me on the day I photographed them – red nose and all. It was cold. Flamingo behind the scenes

6. DIY Pom-pom Easter Baskets DIY Pom-Pom Easter Basket | Popcorn & ChocolateBehind the scenes: these baskets were super easy to make but the hard part was finding the actual basket. We were at my house in NH and my mom had Easter baskets she was getting rid of so we were going to take them but forgot them so we scrambled all over Allston trying to find some cheap but decent looking baskets. We ended up finding these at the dollar store and they seemed to get the job done. Also, fun fact, we were in San Francisco when we wrote and published this post.

5. Colorful Etched Vases with Flower Puns and Sayings Colorful etched vase with sayingsThis is one of our most popular DIY’s on Instagram as well so I’m not surprised to see it make it on the list. Behind the scenes: Oh, where to start? These vases damn near killed us. It was one of our first crafts we made for Homedit so we wanted to make them perfect. Well, we soon found that what we originally wanted to do, which was to have the etched words colored, would not, will not work. We were stubborn AF trying to figure out a way to make this work. We must have dyed a million jars with different solutions. Eventually we flew in the flag and just went the easy way out and spray painted them. So much easier.

4. Cactus Piñata Cindo de mayo cactus pinata | Popcorn & ChocolateThis was one of my all time favorite crafts to make. I mean, it’s a cactus piñata, what isn’t to love? I was smitten with it. Behind the scenes: See how proud I am of my piñatas? I made that Aries ram for Rose’s birthday and promptly named her Lucinda and the cactus Señor. I convinced myself that I had a hidden talent of piñata making… perhaps we shall see if this holds true in 2017??Piñata behind the scenes

3. Nautical Hand-Painted Backgammon Board Handmade backgammon board | Popcorn & ChocolateThis was another one I loved to make (and play)! It involved us going to the beach to take pictures, which is always a win in my book. Behind the scenes: the one problem with taking pictures at the beach is that it can be windyyy. Everything kept blowing around so we had to strategically place rocks and bags onto the towels. Unfortunately we couldn’t do the same with my hat… Backgammon behind the scenes

2. 2016 Printable Oscar Ballots 2016 Oscar Ballot | Popcorn & ChocolateAnother printable for the top! Behind the scenes: This ballot came out great but what you didn’t see were the countless hours we took to make sure everything was aligned nicely and that the colors were bold enough. Not to mention having to look up most of these movies as we hadn’t seen any of them… eek.

1. Printable Super Bowl 50 Commercial Bingo Super Bowl Bingo Boards | Popcorn & ChocolateI am not even surprised that this is the number 1 post of 2016. These bingo boards got us so much traffic, we were tootin’ our little horns we were so excited. You best believe we will be doing them again this year. It’s our little tradition since college so we gotta stick with it. Behind the scenes: Our other tradition is to make and eat it all through the whole game – just the two of us. Here was our spread: lots of veggies and apples(?), pretzel bites, a faux chicken tender (we thought we should have some protein), chips, and a huuuge bowl of a vegan cauliflower cheese dip. Sooo good. I think I eventually got up for dessert too. No shame. super bowl behind the scenes

Anddd there you have it, our top 10 posts of 2016. I love looking back on our crafts and seeing which ones do well. I get so happy when I see that a craft I loved to make is popular. I hope you all are having a wonderful start to 2017 and hope you all stick around to see what we get up to this year. Let us know in the comments below which one of these DIY’s you liked the best!

50422011067__fcade0b3-b189-4181-bd48-ce77464e5e11And, also, just because I couldn’t leave without sharing this little New Years behind the scene fail. Here is what I wrote without thinking when I was trying out the 2017 champagne bottles. I sent this picture to Rose but she was grocery shopping so I’m going to guess she didn’t notice I put 2007 either.  #whatyearisit?