DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Flamingo Piñata

DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateWe are taking a slight break from the typical Valnetine’s DIYs and Super Bowl goodies that should be going up right about now to share with you a fun DIY I made for my birthday that was on Sunday. It’s still pink though so it might be able to pass for Valentine’s Day.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateActually, this DIY flamingo piñata might do pretty well at a Galentine’s party if I do say so myself. It’s pink, it’s full of candy, it’s a flamingo – perfect for any party really.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateYou might be wondering why I chose a flamingo piñata of all things. Well, to be perfectly honest, I’ve seemed to have collected or made a lot of flamingo themed things this past year. I guess when you’ve got a whole flock of flamignos around you you sort of become associated as the flamingo lady, a title I will gladly hold.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateDIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateYou also might be wondering why flamingos of all creatures. I’m not too sure tbh. Maybe it’s because they are pink or that they stand on one leg or that they have funny necks, who really knows – just call me crazy flamingo lady and leave it at that.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateI knew I wanted to make a piñata for my birthday since I made one for Rose’s and made a cactus one, it was just a matter of what to make a piñata of. Looking back on the year flamingos seemed to come up more than once so it was a pretty easy decision from there. Now we’ve got a nice little flamingo added to our ever growing piñata collection.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateMaterials:

  • Cardboard boxes – cereal boxes worked really well
  • Cardboard paper towel rolls and/or toilet paper rolls
  • Exacto knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Streamers in pink, orange, and white
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • A helping hand

How to make the flamingo piñata:

  1. I apologize in advance for the pictures of this DIY – I needed both my hands to do most of the steps so it was a bit tricky photographing it as well, but I will do my best to describe the process. Start with drawing a flamingo body shape onto cardboard and cut out using an exacto knife. Trace this body onto another piece of cardboard and cut that out as well. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  2. Cut out a lot a lot of strips of cardboard about 2 inches across – these will be what connects the two layers of the flamingo body (and the rest of the flamingo later). I found the sides of cereal boxes were the perfect size. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  3. Cut out a head shape and then trace it onto another piece of cardboard and cut that out as well. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  4. Cut out two feet shapesDIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  5. Now it’s time to glue the two layers together. This is when a helping hand is needed. Take the two layers of the flamingo body and put hot glue on the sides of each of them then quickly place down one of the 2 inch across strips as far as it will go along the body. Do this across the top of the body and most of the bottom – but make sure to leave room for the legs. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  6. To make the legs I used 1 paper towel roll and 3 toilet paper rolls. Place the straight paper towel roll in between the two layers of the body and glue it down with hot glue. To make the bent leg place 1 toilet paper roll in between the two layers of the body and glue it there. Slightly bend another toilet roll and glue it to the first toilet paper roll. Add a third toilet paper roll to the bottom. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  7. For the neck of the bird glue 1 paper towel roll to the body.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  8. For the head, glue each of the two layers to the top of the paper towel roll. Then take another cereal box strip and glue it between the two head layers. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateDIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  9. Glue the feet to the bottom of the two legs.
  10. Now you should have a full flamingo body and can start adding the streamers. To do this start at the bottom of the flamingo (so the legs) and wrap the streamer around the area you are going to put it then cut it to that size. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  11. Add small cuts to one side of the streamer to create the fringe.DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate
  12. Add glue to the top part of the streamer where you didn’t add the fringe. Then carefully glue it onto the birdDIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  13. Continue doing this all the way to the top.
  14. To do the back and top of the head (the cereal boxes) just cut small strips and layer them like you did for the body. Before you do the top of the head make sure to hot glue on a string so it can hang. DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate


Now your flamingo is ready to mingle! DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and ChocolateOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Peace out 24 and hellooo 25! Now I’m taking this flamingo and adding it to my piñata collection.  If you have any suggestions as to another piñata I should attempt – leave them below! Also, if you have any good names to give this pretty lady comment them below! Happy crafting!

DIY Flamingo Piñata | Popcorn and Chocolate

Click here for some more piñata ideas! May I suggest a cactus?

Cindo de mayo cactus pinata | Popcorn & Chocolate

Cactus Pinata

Cindo de mayo cactus pinata | Popcorn & ChocolateOh Cinco de Mayo, what a fun holiday. I remember the first time we celebrated Cinco de Mayo. We were abroad in London, and it was towards the end of our time there. The sun was peaking out from the clouds, and we were in good spirits and decided we wanted tacos. We had no clue it was even Cinco de Mayo. Now, let me just preface this by saying we did not cook a single thing up until this point. It had been a solid 4 months without cooking as the kitchens were deemed scary, and we thus avoided them at all costs (fyi we both were abroad in London at different locations, each with equally scary kitchens). What suddenly possessed us with the desire to finally cook? Who knows, but I speculate it was the taco fairy knocking on our stomachs telling us to celebrate Cinco de Mayo the one way we know how: to eat!Cactus Piñata with flowers | Popcorn & Chocolate That is just what we did. We threw on our running shoes (first time we used those too; the gym was deemed scary too) and jogged to the closest grocery store. Yes, we jogged, we were that excited for tacos. We jogged our way to Sainsbury’s and rushed through the store looking for all the supplies we needed. We were going to make tacos and margaritas and thus needed all the typical fixings. The store had almost everything we needed for the tacos expect the key ingredient the ground beef. We had to jog/walk our way to a different store to pick it up. We were determined.DIY Piñata shaped like a cactus | Popcorn & Chocolate Once back at my dorm, we faced our fears and made our way into the kitchen. We had to “borrow” someone’s pans to cook the beef but we managed to cook everything and had quite the feast ahead of us. We poured ourselves some celebratory margaritas and dug in. It was definitely worth the scary kitchen and all that jogging. We feasted like kings. It was only after the fact that we realized it was Cinco de Mayo so we poured ourselves a second drink and broke out the popcorn for dessert. If only we had this cilantro lime popcorn we made last year!Cactus Piñata made out of cardboard | Popcorn & ChocolatePhew what a day that was! We joke about it now but we always make sure to have something to celebrate with on Cinco de Mayo, if not to remember just how crazy we are sometimes. This year we are planning on sipping on some mango margaritas and breaking into this lovely cactus piñata. Here is how you too can make this wonderfully colorful and festive DIY cactus piñata!


  • Cardboard
  • Poster board
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mod podge
  • Streamers
  • A friend to lend a helping hand



First, draw your cactus shape onto a big piece of cardboard (we used a cardboard box) and cut it out. Then trace the shape onto another piece of cardboard and cut that out too. This will be the front and back of your pinata!

Next you should decide how deep you want your pinata to be (ours is about 3.5 inches). Cut long strips of poster board that are 1 inch longer than the desired depth of your pinata. You will be gluing these to both sides of the cardboard cactus to form the sides of the pinata. This is when an extra set of hands is helpful. Start from the bottom and work your way up one side by putting hot glue on the cardboard edges and pressing the poster board onto the glue. Hold each piece in place for a few seconds before moving on to the next piece to make sure it doesn’t pop off. We did one segment from the bottom to the armpit on one side, then rounded our way up the arm and over the top. If you want your pinata to hang, make sure you punch two holes in the poster board that is going to go over the top before you glue it down so you can put a string through it later.

Once you’re doing the part where the arms curve in in the middle of the cactus, you’ll have to wedge the poster board in there first. We found it easier to crease the poster board a bit with the crease of the cactus to make sure that once that piece was in place, it wouldn’t pop off.

After you’ve carefully glued around your whole pinata, trim any excess poster board. Now you’re ready to start putting the streamers on! Cut strips of streamers long enough to fit around your pinata starting from the bottom. Cut into each strip every inch or so to create the fringe. Then use mod podge to attach the strip all the way around. Work your way up the pinata in whatever color pattern you want, overlapping each row with the one below it by about a half inch. Once you get to the top, thread a string through the hole if you made one to hang it, and you’re done! You’ve now got yourself an awesome cactus pinata and are now part of the #addictedtopinatas club.

DIY colorful cactus piñata | Popcorn & Chocolate

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Comment below on what you like to do to celebrate! What other shapes of pinatas would you make?

Homemade pinatas | Popcorn & Chocolatep.s. here is my ever growing collection of homemade pinatas. We named the cactus Señor and the ram is Lucinda – they are bffffs now (we forced them to be). Go check out this ram I made on my Instagram!

Halloween Bunting Flags

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

Oh my goodness Halloween is THIS weekend! Are you excited?? Do you have a costume? Have you decorated your house? We are currently in the midst of getting our apartment and costumes ready for a Halloween party on Friday. A little last minute scrambling will definitely be in order.

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

Speaking of last minute we have a wonderfully easy craft for you to help prepare your house for little trick or treaters or just add some Halloween whimsy to your home, if you haven’t done so already. Or, if you are like us and decided to carve pumpkins a few weeks too early and they are now growing things too scary to expose to innocent children out trick or treating, this quick and easy Halloween bunting flag diy will add a festive flair to a pumpkin-less porch. And hopefully distract everyone from the pile of stinky black moldy pumpkin in the corner..

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

For this project, all you will need is construction paper, scissors, glue, and some string to hang the flags with.

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

We made a triangle stencil just using a ruler and a good eye to trace for the base of the flags. Then we traced the triangle stencil onto whatever color background we wanted for the face (i.e. green for the witch, orange for the pumpkin). Now is the fun part! Cut out eyes and noses and teeth and hats and clothes and everything you can think of to dress up your little flags. For the witch I cut out some eyes out of white paper, a nose out of green paper, some lips out of red paper, and a black hat. I then just glued each of these pieces onto the green triangle.

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

To hang the flags we just used some plain embroidery string and some little tiny clothespins we found at Target last year. We taped the corners of the string to the wall and then arranged the characters to our liking! You could also glue a small bit of string to the tops of each of the flags to hang them as well.

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

That is all you have to do to make these cute little Halloween flags! You can really get creative with these guys too – choose your favorite Halloween characters and have at it! Or, you could just do a bunch of spooky witches, it’s really up to you and your imagination!

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

Chances are you already have all the materials you need at home to make these bunting flags. So what are you waiting for?! Go make these adorable Halloween bunting flags and hang them up so kids can come-a-ringing for candy and not a pile of moldy pumpkin.

These two went to....

These two went to….



Yep, I think the bunting flags are far more appealing than those rotting pumpkins. Best get a crafting!

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate