DIY Cactus Shrinky Dinks Lights | Popcorn and Chocolate

Cactus Shrinky Dinks Lights

DIY Shrinky Dinks Cactus Lights | Popcorn and Chocolate

Ever since I ordered these shrinky dinks online I’ve been dreaming and scheming of ways to use them again. I like to get the most out of my craft supplies. Plus, when the craft involves sitting and coloring you best believe I will be doing it again. And again. And again.

DIY Shrinky Dinks Cactus Lights | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Shrinky Dinks Cactus Lights | Popcorn and Chocolate

I definitely jumped on the coloring band wagon. Well, actually, Rose and I had our own little coloring train when we were in college. We bought some of those giant coloring pages they sell at A.C. Moore in the kids section and would just sit on our dorm room floor (ew) and color them in as we watched TV. I think we bought a Spongebob one and a Zoo themed one. They were great. I still have some of those coloring pages, I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away (#hoarder).

DIY Shrinky Dinks Cactus Lights | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Cactus Shrinky Dinks Lights | Popcorn and Chocolate

Then once all these awesome coloring books popped up over the past couple of years I knew I had to get one (or two or three). It totally is therapeutic to just sit and color something in. As a crafty person, it’s nice to have a craft that is mindless and simple like coloring.

DIY Cactus Shrinky Dinks Lights | Popcorn and Chocolate

That’s why making these cactus light shrinky dinks was so much fun. I just got to sit and color in different cactus all day. No complaints here. I’m already thinking of other ways I can use shrinky dinks just so I have an excuse to color some more!

DIY Cactus Shrinky Dinks Lights | Popcorn and Chocolate

Keep read below to find out how to make these shrinky links cactus lights:


  • Shrinky dinks
  • Sharpies or permanent markers
  • Scissors
  • Oven
  • Parchment paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • String lights



  1. Start by drawing a cactus onto your shrinky dinks. You can either free-hand this or trace an image like I did. I chose to do several different types of cactus but feel free to just do one. For size reference my drawing on the shrinky dinks was about 5.5 inches long. You want them fairly big so you can glue them onto the lights.
  2. Color in your cactus using different sharpies.
  3. Cut out your cactus. I found that when I completely around the whole cactus – hugging the cactus the whole way – that this was more likely to curl and stick on itself in the oven. To remedy this I started to just cut mostly around the cactus but didn’t hug it and left some blank space between stems if there were multiple peaks.
  4. Pre-heat your oven to 325ºF and then place your cactus shrinky dinks on a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet. Put in the oven for about 3 minutes. Keep an eye on them – they will first curl up and then eventually (if all goes well) uncurl and lay flat again. This was taking about 3 minutes for me but might be shorter for your oven so just keep an eye on them.
  5. With your hot glue gun glue on two dots on the back of your cactus shrinky dink. Then firmly press onto the string lights between the actual light. Repeat this process with all of your cactus.
  6. Plug in your lights and enjoy! Just as a warning I would make sure you were always in the room when these are on and to not leave them on for a super long amount of time just because I’m not sure how the plastic will fare with the light.


DIY Cactus Shrinky Dinks Lights | Popcorn and ChocolateNow you just have to find a cute place to hang up your cactus shrinky dinks lights! I think I’m going to put mine around my desk. I already have my cactus piñata sitting there so it seems only appropriate to add some more cactus paraphernalia.

DIY Cactus Shrinky Dinks Lights | Popcorn and Chocolate

If you want more cactus and succulent themed DIYs/ideas check out this Pinterest board!

DIY embroidered throw pillow | Popcorn and Chocolate

Embroidered Home Sweet Home Throw Pillow

DIY Embroidered Home Sweet Home Throw Pillow | Popcorn and Chocolate

I love coming home to a cozy house and a inviting couch full of fluffy throw pillows. This DIY embroidered throw pillow says it all – home sweet home. In my dream apartment I’ve got a huge couch just bursting to the brim with throw pillows to the point where you don’t know where to sit. This embroidered pillow will be sitting in the center of it.

DIY embroidered throw pillow | Popcorn and Chocolate

Doesn’t this pillow make you just want to curl up on the couch?? If so, you can find the full tutorial on how to make this DIY embroidered throw pillow over on Homedit.

Embroidered home sweet home pillow | Popcorn and Chocolate

Click here for the full tutorial.

Or pin this image if you want to check it out later! And if you are looking for more home decor DIYs click here!

DIY Embroidered home sweet home throw pillow | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Candy Heart Succulent Pots | Popcorn and Chocolate

Candy Heart Plant Pots for Valentine’s Day

DIY Candy Heart Succulent Pots | Popcorn and ChocolateThese candy heart plant pots are the perfect gift to give away to your friends or coworkers on Valentine’s day. They are very quick and cheap to make so you could easily make a bunch to give away – or just make some for yourself to decorate your home with!  Keep reading below to learn how to make these candy heart planters. DIY Candy Heart Succulent Pots | Popcorn and Chocolate

Candy Heart Plant Pot for Valentine's Day | Popcorn and ChocolateBefore I teach you how to make these candy heart planters I have a confession to make. I’m kind of freaked out by candy hearts. When I was in 4th grade around Valentine’s Day I was eating a bunch of these candy hearts, as kids do, and shortly after I was sent home sick with the flu. In my kid head I thought the candy hearts were what made me sick. Ever since then I’ve had a huge food aversion to candy hearts. I haven’t eaten them since 4th grade (and probably never will). I was traumatized. Candy Heart Plant Pot for Valentine's Day | Popcorn and ChocolateThough I refuse to eat candy hearts that doesn’t mean I won’t craft with them! I love the bright colors and the cute messages they have… just not so much the taste. They are certainly abundant in January and February so it’s kind of hard to avoid them, so my as well embrace them as I did here. Candy Heart Succulent Pot | Popcorn and Chocolate

Valentine's Day Candy Heart Pot | Popcorn and ChocolateIf you do love candy hearts then this DIY is perfect for you! Quick and easy to make so you can give them away as Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Here’s what you will need:

Valentine's Day Candy Heart Pot | Popcorn and Chocolate


  • Terra Cotta pot (or pots)
  • White paint
  • Paint brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Candy hearts picture  – I just googled this and chose one I liked


  1. Paint your terra cotta pot white. Mine took 2 coats – make sure you let it fully dry before you put a second coat on.
  2. Cut out individual candy hearts – as many as you want to cover your pot. Candy heart planters | Popcorn and Chocolate
  3. Using mod podge, glue on the cut out candy hearts on various places on your pot. If you like a lot of candy hearts then glue on a lot but if you like a more minimal look, like mine, just do a couple on each side. Candy heart planters | Popcorn and ChocolateOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACandy heart planters | Popcorn and Chocolate
  4. Let dry and stick a succulent in it!

See wasn’t that easy?? We gotcha girl – easy peasy gift ideas for your Valentine’s day! Let us know in the comments below any weird food aversions you have.Valentine's Day Candy Heart Succulent Pot | Popcorn and Chocolate

Valentine's Day Candy Heart Planter | Popcorn and Chocolate

Don’t forget to pin this DIY to your Valentine’s Day board 😉

Candy Heart Succulent Pot | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Woven Wall Hanging | Popcorn & Chocolate

DIY Woven Wall Hanging

Learn how to make this DIY woven wall hangingDIY Woven Wall Hanging | Popcorn & Chocolate

As you may or may not know we have been selling some stuff on Etsy – mostly wall hangings and a few patches as of now. But we started the site out with woven wall hangings in mind. We are having so much fun making them and learning a lot of new stitches as we weave our way through a big pile of yarn. My room right now is overflowing with unraveled piles of yarn and the occasional tuft of wool that my dog likes to come in and drool all over.

Since we taught ourselves how to weave we thought we could teach you too! It is fairly simple and you actually don’t need too many supplies – just some sturdy cardboard, some yarn and maybe a needle. No need to go out and buy a huge expensive loom – just go to your recycling bin and find ourself a good piece of cardboard!

Click here for the full tutorial on how to make this woven wall hanging!

DIY Woven Wall Hanging | Popcorn & Chocolate

DIY Woven Wall Hanging | Popcorn & Chocolate

Sometimes starting a craft is hard because you feel like you need all these supplies and don’t necessarily want to go out and buy them just for one DIY. But chances are you already have some yarn lying around and if not it is fairly cheap at any craft store. So you have no excuses not to make this woven wall hanging! And, if you really insist, go buy one of ours 😉

DIY Woven Wall Hanging | Popcorn & Chocolate

You can find the full tutorial for this DIY woven wall hanging over on Homedit.

Leaf and pumpkin wall hooks

Leaf and Pumpkin Wall Hooks

Leaf and pumpkin wall hooksRose and I had this wonderful idea to make these fall inspired leaf and pumpkin wall hooks. The first struggle we had to figure out was how to attach a hook to the leaf and pumpkin. Once we decided we could cement/plaster it onto the back of the leaf and pumpkin it was smooth sailing…

Leaf and pumpkin wall hooks

Until we suddenly realized neither of us could nail or drill holes into our nice, clean walls at our homes least we want to endure the wrath of our moms. Desperately missing apartment living we had to come up with someway to actually take pictures of said leak and pumpkin wall hooks without ruining any walls.

Cement fall inspired wall hooks

Rose thought that we might be able to jerry-rig them to a doorway, but since they are meant to hold something heavy this would not do. I poked around my basement a little bit to see if maybe there was an old bookshelf we might be able to resurrect and fake as a wall.

Leaf plaster wall hook

No such luck, until I turned a dusty spider filled corner and found this giant piece of plywood. Cue light bulb and dancing girl emoji – we could definitely drill into the plywood and it was big enough to look like a wall. Woo! A couple of wood-stain intoxicated hours later and I had the whole piece of wood dyed and ready to go.

Leaf and pumpkin wall hooks

Can you tell that this wasn’t a real wall? Thought I might share a little behind the scenes thought process for you all. If you came here for the wall hook DIY shoot on over to Homedit where we have posted the full tutorial. And if you came here just to read about our #wallproblems give the post a thumbs up and let us know in the comments below any time you had to be a bit crafty when blogging.

Cement wall hooks

Find the full tutorial for these leaf and pumpkin wall hooks on Homedit.

Leaf and pumpkin wall hooks | Popcorn & Chocolate

Copper writing Thanksgiving plates

Thanksgiving Plates with Copper Lettering

Copper Thanksgiving dinner platesI can’t wait for Thanksgiving to be able to pile these witty copper Thanksgiving themed dinner plates high with all sorts of scrumptious food. Usually, in years past, I have started planning for Thanksgiving in October but for some reason this year I am way behind the times. What side dishes will I make?? Is turkey necessary?? How many desserts do we need???

Copper stuffed Thanksgiving dinner plates

I’ve got some serious Pinterest pursuing ahead of me in the next couple of days. I feel like I do different recipes every Thanksgiving. Partially because I can’t remember what I made last year and partially because everything looks so good and I want to try it all! Do you have any go to Thanksgiving recipes you always follow?

Copper writing Thanksgiving plates

Anyways, these copper lettered plates are the perfect thanksgiving plates to fit the copious amounts of food I will sure to have on my plate come Thanksgiving. To learn how to make these plates visit Homedit! Let us know in the comments below what you typically make (or eat!) for Thanksgiving.

Copper writing Thanksgiving plates

To find the full tutorial on how to make these Thanksgiving themed copper plates head on over to Homedit.


Thanksgiving Copper Dinner Plates

halloween pumpkin candle DIY | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Halloween Jack-O-Lantern and Cauldron Candle Holders

Learn how to make these Halloween jack-o-lantern and cauldron candle holders!

cauldron and jack-o-lantern candle holder | Popcorn and Chocolate

It’s October and fall is in the air and Halloween is-a-comin and it’s time to cozy up and decorate your home for Halloween! Don’t you just love decorating for Halloween? I know we do! We have an entire box full of Halloween goodies that we eagerly pull out at the first sign of almost fall so we can drag Halloween on as long as possible. It’s time to bring out the mugs with witches legs on them and the tumblers with glass blown pumpkins on the front and hang up the spider lights: Halloween is in the air!

DIY halloween candle jars | Popcorn and Chocolate

And you know what else is in the Halloween air? Candles! To light up your dinner party and cozy up your living room! These candles are so easy to make, you probably have most of the supplies at home already and the ones you’d need to purchase only cost a few bucks each.

halloween pumpkin candle DIY | Popcorn and ChocolateHalloween witch cauldron candle | Popcorn and Chocolate

Or, fill them with candy corn and use the jars that way! Or go wild with all sorts of different jack-o-lantern faces! I just love the look of the candle glowing out of the jack-o-lantern and cauldron that we made.

Head on over to our post on Homedit to see how to make these fun Halloween themed candles.

And let us know in the comments what other Halloween themed candle ideas you have!

jack-o-lantern glass jar candle | Popcorn and ChocolateDIY Halloween candle holders | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Halloween Candle Holders | Popcorn & Chocolate

Click here to find the full instructions!

Wooden Tray with Door knob handles | Popcorn & Chocolate

Wooden Tray With Drawer Knob Handles

This wooden tray uses drawer knobs as handles to add a cute, whimsical touch.

Wooden Tray with Door knob handles | Popcorn & Chocolate Ever since I saw these handles I knew I needed them. They are little dogs! Just too cute! But I didn’t want to put them on my dresser so I needed to come up with a DIY that would incorporate them somehow. Welcome this tray. And welcome me learning how to (properly) use power tools.

Wooden Tray with Door knob handles | Popcorn & ChocolateI was quite proud of my handiwork and that I didn’t take off any fingers whilst drilling holes into the wood. Although this project does sound daunting – it is by no means so. You can get all of your wood cut at Home Depot and can use wood glue to hold the tray together instead of hammering nails into it. Coming from someone who has barely used any tools before in their life I was able to make this whole tray so I think you can too! Check out the full tutorial over on Homedit. We show you step by step instructions on how to put together his lovely wooden tray with drawer knobs as handles.

Wooden Tray with Door knob handles | Popcorn & ChocolateThis project gives you an excuse to go look for fun drawer knobs, which means going to places like Homegoods or Anthropologie… sounds like my kind of project! Let us know if you end up making this tray! You can find the whole tutorial here on Homedit.

Wooden Tray with Door knob handles | Popcorn & Chocolate

P.S. If you like the coaster in the first photo you can find the DIY here

Wooden tray with drawer pull handles | Popcorn & Chocolate

Summer pink flamingo painted doormat

Summer Pink Flamingo Painted Doormat

Pink flamingo painted doormat | Popcorn & ChocolateI don’t know about you guys but our summer has been a busy one. Both Rose and I are in a sort of transition period between jobs and apartments and it has put a lot of stress on both of us. We sadly (and begrudgingly) had to move out of our apartment together for the rest of the summer until we know what our next steps in life will be. We’ve both been busy bees and have tried to keep up with the blog and our Etsy as much as we can. We do have a few posts for you planned so stay tuned for some fun goodbye summer/hello school themed posts coming up. But, in the meantime enjoy this pink flamingo painted doormat that we made for Homedit. This DIY was the last to be done in our apartment and it seems fitting that it is a doormat that we can take to our next apartment (wherever that will be)! Summer pink flamingo painted doormat We are excited for what the future brings and hopefully your future will bring you this wonderful DIY summer flamingo painted doormat. It is easy to make and can be customized to any shape/animal/design that you want! We even provided free printouts of the stencil we used so you can simply print, cut, and paint! summer pink flamingo painted doormat | Popcorn & ChocolateWe hope you enjoy this fun summer DIY! I had a grand time making the flamingo cutouts and even stuck them up around our apartment afterwards for Rose to find. Anywaysss you can check out our DIY summer pink flamingo painted doormat over on Homedit or by clicking here. Let us know what you think and comment below what animal or design you would like on a doormat! IMG_1442

Flamingo Doormat | Popcorn & Chocolate

DIY Stamped Clay Flower Pots | Popcorn & Chocolate

Fruity Flower Pots

DIY Stamped Clay Flower Pots | Popcorn & Chocolate

All throughout college I have desperately wanted to get a dog. However, my mom does not think I’m responsible enough to have a dog yet even though, proximity aside, I am the preferred child called upon to take care of my family’s dog whenever my parents are away. This is no small dog either. We have a great dane, and yes she does walk me rather than me walking her.

Hand stamped succulent pots | Popcorn & Chocolate

Nonetheless, I have to agree that taking care of a dog for a weekend is completely different than having your own to take care of every day. As a compromise to not getting a dog the second I stepped out of college I got the next best thing: succulents!

Fruit stamped flower pot | Popcorn & Chocolate

I remember the day Rose and I drove to Lowe’s and picked up our little babies like it was yesterday. I was so excited to get these little guys and decorate our apartment with them and watch them grow.

Strawberry stamped succulent holder | Popcorn & Chocolate

Cut ahead 2 years and an apartment move later and they are still kicking and still growing, some a little bit out of control. Our succulents are doing so well that we have decided to add a few more to our ever growing family. Rose is also always determined to propagate our old succulents into new plants (still hasn’t worked yet but I’ll keep you all posted). This means we need new planters to house our little guys.

DIY stamped flower pots | Popcorn & Chocolate

Cherry stamped succulent pot | Popcorn & Chocolate

These succulents are too cute that no ordinary planter will do. We thought in our crafty little minds to make some planters ourselves. We went to our local craft store and picked up some terra cotta clay pots for about 79 cents each. The rest of the supplies we already had at home and chances are you will too – if not they are easy to buy as well! These stamps are from Studio Calico, and we highly recommend checking them out for stamps and other craft supplies. This is not a sponsored post, we just love Studio Calico. They always have the cutest selection of stamps! Keep reading to find out how we made these fruit stamped flower pots.



  • Terra Cotta clay pot
  • Paint
  • Stamps & ink


  1. First things first you want to clean the clay pot and make sure that annoying sticker isn’t on the bottom anymore. Next, go ahead and paint the pot any color you wish. We used a circular sponge paint brush and dabbed the paint on.
  2. Let paint dry completely (a couple of hours) and then paint a second coat on. You can continue to do this until your pot is covered nicely in paint. Ours took 3 coats of paint until you couldn’t see the sponge paint marks anymore.
  3. Once your pot is completely dry you can start stamping your design on. We gently pressed the stamp to the pot and gently pressed along the top of the stamp to make sure all sides were stamped onto the pot. Don’t worry if it smudges or you make a mistake – you can easily paint over that area and do it again.
  4. Let the ink dry for about a day before you plant your little succulent or flower into the pot.

These guys came out so cute and the fruit theme is perfect to give your house an extra summer-y vibe. Now my new succulent babies can grow wild in their new pots. Hows that for responsible? I think I’m well on my way to being ready for my own dog. I mean look how well all my plant babies are doing! Much better than Roses’ air plants.

Fruit stamped flower pots | Popcorn & Chocolate

Comment below if you have any succulents and what fruit would you stamp onto a pot??