Halloween Bunting Flags

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

Oh my goodness Halloween is THIS weekend! Are you excited?? Do you have a costume? Have you decorated your house? We are currently in the midst of getting our apartment and costumes ready for a Halloween party on Friday. A little last minute scrambling will definitely be in order.

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

Speaking of last minute we have a wonderfully easy craft for you to help prepare your house for little trick or treaters or just add some Halloween whimsy to your home, if you haven’t done so already. Or, if you are like us and decided to carve pumpkins a few weeks too early and they are now growing things too scary to expose to innocent children out trick or treating, this quick and easy Halloween bunting flag diy will add a festive flair to a pumpkin-less porch. And hopefully distract everyone from the pile of stinky black moldy pumpkin in the corner..

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

For this project, all you will need is construction paper, scissors, glue, and some string to hang the flags with.

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

We made a triangle stencil just using a ruler and a good eye to trace for the base of the flags. Then we traced the triangle stencil onto whatever color background we wanted for the face (i.e. green for the witch, orange for the pumpkin). Now is the fun part! Cut out eyes and noses and teeth and hats and clothes and everything you can think of to dress up your little flags. For the witch I cut out some eyes out of white paper, a nose out of green paper, some lips out of red paper, and a black hat. I then just glued each of these pieces onto the green triangle.

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

To hang the flags we just used some plain embroidery string and some little tiny clothespins we found at Target last year. We taped the corners of the string to the wall and then arranged the characters to our liking! You could also glue a small bit of string to the tops of each of the flags to hang them as well.

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

That is all you have to do to make these cute little Halloween flags! You can really get creative with these guys too – choose your favorite Halloween characters and have at it! Or, you could just do a bunch of spooky witches, it’s really up to you and your imagination!

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate

Chances are you already have all the materials you need at home to make these bunting flags. So what are you waiting for?! Go make these adorable Halloween bunting flags and hang them up so kids can come-a-ringing for candy and not a pile of moldy pumpkin.

These two went to....

These two went to….



Yep, I think the bunting flags are far more appealing than those rotting pumpkins. Best get a crafting!

Halloween Bunting Flags | Popcorn & Chocolate


Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Popcorn & Chocolate Pumpkins

One of my all time favorite fall time activities is pumpkin carving. I can remember carving pumpkins ever since I was a wee little one. My whole family gets really into it each year and we end up buying a ton of pumpkins just to carve. We use the Pumpkin Masters carving patterns to make our jack-o-lanterns. These patterns really make our otherwise plain pumpkins into great pumpkin masterpieces. I think I would still be doing the two triangle eyes and zig-zag mouth if I didn’t have these patterns to go of off (not that there is anything wrong with a classic pumpkin!) My family has a stockpile of older carving stencils because some of the best patterns are in their older books.

Popcorn & Chocolate Pumpkins Popcorn & Chocolate Pumpkins

Popcorn & Chocolate Pumpkins

My mom stuck to a witch theme this year

This past weekend, Rose and I made a trip up to New Hampshire in part to see the gorgeous fall foliage but also in a bigger part to carve pumpkins! My mom had about 12 pumpkins waiting for us when we arrived. Here are the lovely and spooky jack-o-lanterns that we made:

IMG_3647 Popcorn & Chocolate Pumpkins

Popcorn & Chocolate Pumpkins

My creations for this year

It was so hard to choose which pattern to use because my family has so many good ones!

Popcorn & Chocolate Pumpkins Popcorn & Chocolate Pumpkins

Popcorn & Chocolate Pumpkins

Rose’s creations!

Now hopefully they will just last until Halloween…

Pumpkin carving

Tell us: do you like to carve pumpkins for Halloween?

Do you use the carving patterns or free hand it?

Which is your favorite pumpkin we carved?? (don’t worry, you won’t offend anyone 🙂 )

Happy Halloween!

IMG_8762Happy Halloween! Okay, we know that it is a few day passed, but we were too busy with dealing with bats on the ceiling and skeletons in the graveyard to post this on Halloween. A little late is better than never, right?IMG_8104There’s something magical about Halloween night. Whether you spent minutes or days decorating and planning for this holiday, it all looks amazing. The Jack-O’-Lanterns hidden away until this one night get to shine on front door steps, leading the way to a bowl full of goodies. Porches are adorned with spider webs and skeletons, some spooky and some more friendly. Everyone gets to dress up in a costume and pretend for one night that they really are the headless horsemen or the school cheerleader. It’s not about scare (not entirely), it’s about the thrill of it all. And this is why we love Halloween! IMG_3994It’s exciting to see what your costume looks like after days of thinking and planning and collecting supplies. It’s exciting to see all the Jack-O’-Lanterns you carved out on your front porch, glowing with candles and mischievous grins. It is exciting to share all your crafts and treats (and tricks?) that you planned with your neighbors, family, friends, & coworkers and to see what they have up their sleeves as well.IMG_8768As we get older, Halloween gets more and more fun for me. I don’t think I will ever grow out of this holiday. All the fun decorations to make and buy, all the delicious treats to bake and eat! Such fun!IMG_8097This year Rose and I spent the whole month of October planning for a Halloween party. We would have started in September, but we resisted. We showed you most of the simple crafts that we made along the way. But this post is about how all the little things came together into the finished product. Here is our spooky–but not that spooky because we can’t do that– Halloween! Come inside our Witches Den to see one last Halloween ha-rah.IMG_3939IMG_3968 IMG_4001IMG_4022 IMG_4024IMG_8763


Happy belated Halloween Popcorn & Chocolate readers!IMG_4094

Quick & Easy Halloween Gravestones


Here’s another fun DIY for our Halloween series. As Halloween approaches, we are busily trying to make fun and spooky decorations. These are super easy to do and really fun!

IMG_3791 IMG_3844

Last weekend we went to Salem, MA to walk around to be inspired for Halloween. We saw a memorial for the Salem Witch Trials in a very old graveyard there.

IMG_7589 IMG_3184

IMG_3215 IMG_7597

We took a lot of cool, and a little bit creepy, pictures of the gravestones for inspiration for ours! It’s really intriguing to be in such an old town, especially around Halloween. Unfortunately, it is also very busy, so we did not get to see as much as we wanted to. But, just walking the old cobblestone streets transfixed us back to a different time.

IMG_3200 IMG_3194

For these gravestones, all you’ll need is cardboard, scissors and/or an X-acto knife, and paint. For the cardboard we used flattened boxes, and for paint we used grey, moss green, and brown acrylic paint.

IMG_3274 IMG_3268

The first thing you’ll want to do is look at different designs of gravestones to get inspired. We sketched the designs onto the cardboard using a pencil and then cut them out. The simple designs are easier to cut out since cardboard can be difficult to cut, but for the more complicated designs we found the X-acto knife made life easy. Make sure you leave extra space on the sides of your gravestone to fold back so it will stand up. You could also tape a long triangle-shaped strip of cardboard to the back as a stand if you don’t want the sides folded back. Once the design was all cut out we realized they were a bit top heavy and just flopped over, to remedy this we taped a toothpick to the back where the top was flopping.

 IMG_2448 IMG_2450

After your have your shape, start painting. We painted a base layer of grey over the whole gravestone and then added splotches of green and brown to give it more dimension. We found it good to paint a few and let them dry because once you’re inspired by spooky phrases to put on your gravestones, you’ll want to do them all at once!

IMG_3785 IMG_3776

We started looking online and thinking about what to write on our gravestones next. Here are the ones we used:

  • Barry D’Alive, 1802-1868
  • Can you hear me now?
  • Underneath lies Aubrey Jones, sadly now a bag of bones
  • Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, here lies someone I wouldn’t trust
  • Myra Manes 1824-1890 by body and bones are buried down here so I will come haunt you year after year

     IMG_3798 IMG_3854

Next we used chalk to write out the phrases. This was easier than painting, plus you can just use a paper towel or your hand to dust off mistakes. You could either use the chalk to stencil or just leave it like we did. I personally liked the look of erasing it a few times because the dusty white chalk left a nice effect.


After that you’re all ready to set up your graveyard! Comment with any other clever phrases you decide to use.

IMG_3820  IMG_3874 IMG_3793


Thanks to Tatertots & Jello for hosting!

Halloween Snack Tags

IMG_2837Happy October everybody!
Now that it is October, I feel like it is an appropriate time to start bombarding this blog with everything we have been working on for Halloween this year. We are planning on having a small Halloween party at our house with some of our friends, and so have been busy little bees gathering supplies, planning, and crafting everything Halloween. And now that it is October, we will start sharing some of the things we have been working on with you in case you wanted to join us!

IMG_2824This first craft, as you can see, is similar to our clothespin DIY. However instead of using washi tape (which you can definitely do as well), we decided to paint the clothespins some fun Halloween colors.First we painted the clothespins whatever base color we wanted (white, silver, or green) then once that completely dried, we taped off stripes using painters tape and then painted the rest black. Again, let dry completely and then peel off to reveal some fun stripes! Make sure you press the tape down tightly because otherwise the paint will creep underneath and mess up your straight lines.IMG_2809 IMG_2819

You can also use stamps to stamp out a fun Halloween saying or food – We chose “Witch Treat.”IMG_2806 IMG_2814

Once the clothespin is done, you can create a name tag for the food or drink you plan on serving at your Halloween party. This is when you turn to your friends or family members to help generate some spooky names for common foods. My mom and I always love a good word game, so we texted back and forth several different possible names one could give popcorn. I decided to go with Bat Brains, but here are some of the other names we came up with: toad warts, Frankenstein teeth, Goblin blobs, Ogre toenails. After I got sidetracked coming up with gory names for popcorn, I then stamped out what I wanted my place card to say on some orange paper. IMG_2804IMG_2827IMG_2825Now all you have to do is stick the paper in the clothespin and display it next to the food or drink you are serving! Easy as pumpkin pie.IMG_2855 IMG_2846 IMG_2853

We have been busy creating all sorts of Halloween goodies to display for our party. Check back shortly for some more of the ideas pictured on this table! Comment with any creepy names for food and drinks you come up with and maybe we’ll use some of them!


Halloween Clothes Pin Snack Tags | Popcorn & Chocolate