Free Printable Mother's Day Bouquet Wrapper

Free Printable Mother’s Day Bouquet Wrapper

Free Printable Mother's Day Bouquet WrapperMother’s day is this weekend and if you are stumped as to what to get your lovely mom, look no further! We’ve got a free printable that you can just print out and wrap around a bouquet of flowers and b(l)oom you’re all set! Who doesn’t love getting flowers??

Free Printable Mother's Day Bouquet Wrapper

No, I did not realize the wrappers were upside down until I finished taking pictures, at which point the wrappers were covered in questionable green goo

I love having flowers in the house, they definitely brighten up the place. My mom and I love peonies and once they start blooming we like to sneak out at night and go on peony raids. Don’t worry, we don’t take them from unsuspecting neighbors, just from bushes hidden away that no one will even notice a peony or two missing from 😉

Free Printable Mother's Day Bouquet WrapperFree Printable Mother's Day Bouquet WrapperI’m super duper excited for peonies to start blooming. If you are lucky enough to have peonies blooming right now you should definitely print out this free printable mother’s day bouquet wrapper and wrap up a big ol’ bunch for your mum.

Free Printable Mother's Day Bouquet WrapperHappy Mother’s day to all you lovely, amazing, strong moms out there! And happy Mother’s day to the best one there is!

Free Printable Mother's Day Bouquet Wrapper


  1. Click this link to get the pdf of the free printable: Free Pirntable Mother’s Day Bouquet Wrapper
  2. Choose which wrapper you like best
  3. Print out pdf (duh)
  4. Buy or pick flowers
  5. Wrap them up using our flower wrapper pdf by rolling the paper into a cone shape. If you bought the flowers I would suggest leaving the plastic wrap on as the wet flowers bleeds through the paper easil
  6. Give flowers to your mom (duh)


Mother's Day Free Printable Bouquet Wrapper | Popcorn and ChocolateThat’s it! Just print and go! It even makes a great last minute mother’s day gift idea, don’t worry we won’t tell anyone it was last minute though ;)

If your mom doesn’t like flowers (what, does that exist??) check out this diy mom heart patch as a gift idea instead!

Free Printable Mother's Day Bouquet Wrapper | Popcorn and chocolate

Free Pirntable Mother’s Day Bouquet Wrapper



DIY emoji heart valentine with free printable | Popcorn and Chocolate

Heart Eyes Emoji Valentine with Free Printable

Heart eye emoji pin for Valentine's day with free printable | Popcorn and ChocolateValentine’s day is right around the corner and if you are stuck as to what to get your friend/S.O./mom we’ve got the perfect DIY for you! These heart eye emoji Valentines are simple to make and even more fun to give away. Plus, using shrinky dinks totally takes you back to your 90’s – crimped hair and slap bracelets not included.Heart eye emoji pin for Valentine's day with free printable | Popcorn and Chocolate

We’ve included a free printable Valentine to go along with the heart eye emoji pin. So now all you have to do (besides make the pins) is decide who you have heart eyes for! Olive, I’m looking at you.

DIY valentine emoji pin with free printable | Popcorn and Chocolate


DIY emoji heart valentine with free printable | Popcorn and ChocolateInstructions:

  1. Trace or free hand a heart eye emoji onto your shrinky dinks using a yellow sharpie. For size reference mine was about 3.5 in diameter. Once you have traced the emoji, color it in using red, yellow, and grey sharpie.DIY emoji shrinky dink pin | Popcorn and Chocolate
  2. Cut out the emoji.
  3. To shrink the shrinky dinks you can either follow the instructions on the package (in the oven at 325°F for 2-3 minutes; make sure to place them on parchment paper) or you can use a heat embossing tool for about 1-2 minutes. Again, make sure to put them on parchment paper so they don’t stick to your surface. The shrinky dinks will shrivel up and then begin to flatten out – once they are flat again they are done.
  4. Taking some plain white paper, trace the size of the emoji on it and cut it out. Glue this to the back of the emoji using Mod Podge. This is so you won’t see the pin back through the pin.DIY emoji shrinky dink pin | Popcorn and Chocolate
  5. Using a hot glue gun, glue on the pin & back to the white paper.DIY emoji shrinky dink pin | Popcorn and Chocolate
  6. Print out our free printable and stick the heart eye emoji in the middle of it.

Now you have a cute, homemade Valentine to give away to your loved one! Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for more Valentine’s day DIYs!

DIY emoji heart valentine with free printable | Popcorn and Chocolate

Download the free printable Valentine card to go with your emoji pin by clicking here

DIY heart eye emoji pin with a free printable Valentine's day card | Popcorn and CHocolate

Printable Super Bowl 51 Commercial Bingo Boards | Popcorn and Chocolate

Free Printable Super Bowl 51 Commercial Bingo Cards

Printable super bowl bingo cardsThe moment you all have been waiting for is here… We have your free printable Super Bowl 51 commercial bingo cards for you! It has been our tradition to play bingo during the commercials of the super bowl every year, and since we couldn’t find very good bingo cards last year we decided to make our own. And since everyone loved that post so much  we knew we had to make some new printable bingo cards for this super bowl LI.Super bowl 51 commercial bingoAll you have to do is print out the bingo boards and the chips if you want to use our little footballs and helmets and put on the big game. We have made a total of 6 different boards so you can play with 5 other people. Or, if you are like Rose and I, you can each take 3 boards and man 3 different bingo cards.Free Super bowl LI bingo boards

Free Super bowl commercial bingo boardsLast year we played with bits of popcorn as our chips but as they accidentally got eaten every once and a while we’ve opted to add some free printable chips as well. But, feel free to use anything you want – scraps of paper, m&m’s, beads – anything!Free Super bowl commercial bingo boards

I’d recommend printing the super bowl bingo cards at about 55% if you want them to be on the smaller side – that is what is shown in the pictures here. Also, don’t forget to print the chips small too – I believe I printed them at about 45%.

Click here to download the pdf for your free printable super bowl commercial bingo cards

and click here to download the chips.

Printable Super Bowl 51 Commercial Bingo Boards | Popcorn and Chocolate

Holiday Gift Guides & Free Printable

The holiday season is upon us, which means you have to start planning out your gifts for everyone. We’ve made this super easy for you by creating a free printable to write out what you are getting everyone and two holiday gift guides to give you some ideas of what to get everyone. Sometimes present buying can be a lot of fun, especially when you know exactly what you are getting someone but, other times, it can be a huge struggle. We feel ya. This is why we’ve put together some fun gift ideas for all the men and women in your life. These gifts are mostly all under $50 so they won’t break the bank either. 2016 gift guide for men | popcorn & chocolate

From left to right: Peppermint snow tube, Drake pin, Desk bag toss, Camera strap, Bon Iver record, Beanie, This must be the place banner, Woven wall hanging, Hot steve spices, Bandana, Flannel button down, Cocktail carry on kit, Stranger Things pin, Bull wine holder, Giant jack, Slippers

And now onto the gifts for the women in your life:

2016 gift guide for women | Popcorn & Chocolate

From left to right: Eye mask, Woven wall hanging, Embroidery wall decor, Merlot sweatshirt, Mug, Flamingo pin, Margarita pin, Happiness planner, Motivational pencils, Pineapple measuring cups, Blue scarf, Retail therapy purse, Pineapple keychain, Wine socks, Teapot, Candle

Go ahead and download our printable gift list and start planning your gift buying now! Let us know in the comments below what YOU want for this holiday season!


thanksgiving holiday printable | Popcorn & Chocolate

Free Thanksgiving Table Printables

thanksgiving table decorations | Popcorn & Chocolate

Did everyone have a fun and spooky Halloween? If you missed the pool float costumes we made, go check them out! But now that Halloween is (sadly) over, it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving: food, guests, what we are thankful for, etc. We made some free Thanksgiving printables for you to start planning out your Thanksgiving with. And keep your eye out for more posts to come to set the whole table for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving printable | Popcorn & Chocolate

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is definitely getting to cook. We are people who eat Thanksgiving dinner at a normal dinner hour, so I find myself antsy during the day, anticipating this exciting meal, so to distract myself, I like to take over in the kitchen.

I am thankful for list | Popcorn & Chocolatethanksgiving grocery list | Popcorn & Chocolate

One of the Thanksgiving printables we made for you is to organize your grocery list. This is great if you want to simply make a list organized by recipe so you know which ingredients are a part of which dish. This printable is also great if you have guests who may have food allergies. You can write all the ingredients in each of your dishes so everyone can see! I filled mine out with the recipes that I like to use, which I’ll share at the bottom of this post.

Thanksgiving shopping list | Popcorn & Chocolate

The other printable is for you to put at each person’s plate so your guests can jot down what they are thankful for. The automatic settings on your printer will try to fit the printable to the page, but I recommend printing it scaled down somewhere between 80-100% (mine is 85% in the photos). This way it will fit nicely on a plate without taking over.  I love going around the table and talking about what we are all thankful for, but I always feel really uncreative while everyone else has such clever thoughts to share! I’ll have to start thinking up a few this year to put on my place card. It’s fun to have a mix of some serious ones and a few silly ones. What are you guys thankful for this year?

Thanksgiving recipes printable | Popcorn & Chocolatefall thankful printable | Popcorn & Chocolate


Attached here are the Thanksgiving printables:

(1) I am thankful for…

Thankful Printable | Popcorn & Chocolate

(2) Thanksgiving dinner ingredient list

Thanksgiving Grocery List Printable | Popcorn & Chocolate

If you want the ingredient list with extra space and a line like mine for hole punching (you can easily hole punch the one without the line as well, there’s enough room), that one is here: Thanksgiving ingredient list to hole punch

Rose’s Thanksgiving dinner:

  1. Stuffing is my favorite. I love to make this pear sausage stuffing from Martha Stewart. The fennel and the pear are so delicious with everything else on the thanksgiving plate! Note: if you buy a pre-stuffed bird, try to remember to half the stuffing recipe or you’ll have wayyy too many leftovers (unless you’re cooking for a huge crowd)!!
  2. We always make two different cranberry sauces too: this classic slow cooker cranberry sauce and Madhur Jaffrey’s cranberry chutney. I think we often like the chutney best but it’s fun to have both. Plus one is in the slow cooker so it doesn’t use up a pot or a burner on the stove and it can stay warm right up until dinner.
  3. I always roast a huge pile of veggies: Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, parsnips, carrots, beets, almost every root veggie in the grocery store. I’ve used different seasonings in the past, but the preferred is classic rosemary, salt, and pepper (sometimes with a hint of maple syrup or maple sugar).
  4. Last year I made these pumpkin blondies from The Healthy Maven and an apple galette.

What are your favorite thanksgiving recipes?  Anything I should try this year?

Free Thanksgiving Printables | Popcorn & Chocolate

2016 Oscar Ballot | Popcorn & Chocolate

2016 Printable Oscar Ballots

2016 Oscar Ballot | Popcorn & ChocolateAward season is in full swing and the 2016 Oscars are this Sunday people! Get your butt in gear and go print out our Oscar Ballots for a fun game to play whilst you have to sit through all those commercials. Because let’s face it, there are a lot of commercials to get through and there are only so many times you can stand up to refill your popcorn bowl before you finish the whole bag..2016 Oscar Ballot | Popcorn & ChocolateI think my favorite part about watching the Oscars, aside from the fashion, is the huge list added to my list of movies I need to watch in the near future (or when they are available on Netflix). Usually I go into the Oscars having only seen one or two of the movies, which I then proceed to vote for for everything. You see I’m not a huge fan of going to the actual movies, so I miss out on a lot of the movies that are nominated until after the fact. Doesn’t bother me though – I still enjoy watching the Oscars and voting nonetheless! Plus, as I already said, I get a big list of movie possibilities come next Friday night.2016 Oscars | Popcorn & ChocolateI realize most of you actually do like to go to the movies and have seen most of the nominations before the Oscars. Then this free printable Oscar ballot is perfect for your viewing pleasure. All you have to do is print it out and check which box you think should win for each category. You can check as you watch or do it all in the beginning as a little pre-Oscar party fun. At the end you can tally up your score and see who got the most wins!2016 Oscar Ballot | Popcorn & ChocolateEmbarrassing side note: just wrote this whole post writing ballot as ballet and didn’t catch my mistake until now. I mean an Oscar ballet would be pretty cool too but I don’t think we can send you a free printable of that.

Now since I’ve embarrassed myself enough for one post I’ll leave you with our downloadable ballot here:2016 Oscar Ballot

2016 Oscar Ballot | Popcorn & ChocolateLet us know who you think should win best picture in the comments below! And so I don’t feel so embarrassed, any words you realized you spell completely wrong.

2016 Oscar Ballot | Popcorn & Chocolate

Free Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & Chocolate

Valentine’s Day Free Printable Lyric Hearts

IMG_9484We are all too aware that Valentine’s day is fast approaching. I don’t need the whole world to remind me that I’m still single… I’ve never really loved Valentine’s day, but I’ve never really hated it either. It is a very neutral holiday for me.Free Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & ChocolateI mean there’s candy and flowers galore, but I still have leftover Halloween candy I’m working on and I’ve already got my permanent Rose so I don’t feel the pull to buy anything (my wallet thanks me). In terms of decorating, I’m not the biggest fan of red but might throw up a heart here or there in our apartment. Maybe I’m just in that awkward stage where it was fun as a kid and will be again once I’m older (and married?)? So in the meantime I’ll celebrate this neutral holiday with a medium amount of enthusiasm and my leftover Halloween candy, thank you very much.Free Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & ChocolateThat doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy making Valentine crafts. I mean it is a holiday and I do have a craft blog.. it’s only natural to exploit holidays. And to help spice up your holiday a little bit, we’ve created these fun lyric candy hearts that you can print out and give to your friend, bf, gf, mom(?), random person you meet in a bar, really whoever strikes your fancy.Free Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & ChocolateWe’ve made it so you can either print it out and use it as a card or cut out the hearts and hang them up as decorations. It’s really up to you! We personally decided to use them to decorate our apartment and try to hide the fact that we still have Christmas decorations up… I’m really slow to let go of holidays if you haven’t noticed.Free Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & ChocolateNow instead of celebrating V-day alone or with whomever you choose to be with, you can also celebrate with Drake, T-Swift, and the Biebs. I mean, that’s one Valentine’s day I could get on board with. To get your V-day party started, download our lyrical Valentine’s day hearts below – just click on the images or go to the bottom of the post for the pdfs.

Hope you enjoyed our Valentines day lyric hearts! Let us know which one you would give out. Clearly I would go for the biebs with some popcorn and chocolate to go along with it, maybe some wine too.. 😉

Free Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & Chocolate

Adele – Hello  Bieber – Love Yourself  Bieber – Sorry  Drake – Cell Phone  Drake – Hot Love  One Direction – Perfect  The Weeknd – The Hills  TSwift – Blank Space