Free Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & Chocolate

Valentine’s Day Free Printable Lyric Hearts

IMG_9484We are all too aware that Valentine’s day is fast approaching. I don’t need the whole world to remind me that I’m still single… I’ve never really loved Valentine’s day, but I’ve never really hated it either. It is a very neutral holiday for me.Free Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & ChocolateI mean there’s candy and flowers galore, but I still have leftover Halloween candy I’m working on and I’ve already got my permanent Rose so I don’t feel the pull to buy anything (my wallet thanks me). In terms of decorating, I’m not the biggest fan of red but might throw up a heart here or there in our apartment. Maybe I’m just in that awkward stage where it was fun as a kid and will be again once I’m older (and married?)? So in the meantime I’ll celebrate this neutral holiday with a medium amount of enthusiasm and my leftover Halloween candy, thank you very much.Free Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & ChocolateThat doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy making Valentine crafts. I mean it is a holiday and I do have a craft blog.. it’s only natural to exploit holidays. And to help spice up your holiday a little bit, we’ve created these fun lyric candy hearts that you can print out and give to your friend, bf, gf, mom(?), random person you meet in a bar, really whoever strikes your fancy.Free Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & ChocolateWe’ve made it so you can either print it out and use it as a card or cut out the hearts and hang them up as decorations. It’s really up to you! We personally decided to use them to decorate our apartment and try to hide the fact that we still have Christmas decorations up… I’m really slow to let go of holidays if you haven’t noticed.Free Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & ChocolateNow instead of celebrating V-day alone or with whomever you choose to be with, you can also celebrate with Drake, T-Swift, and the Biebs. I mean, that’s one Valentine’s day I could get on board with. To get your V-day party started, download our lyrical Valentine’s day hearts below – just click on the images or go to the bottom of the post for the pdfs.

Hope you enjoyed our Valentines day lyric hearts! Let us know which one you would give out. Clearly I would go for the biebs with some popcorn and chocolate to go along with it, maybe some wine too.. ūüėČ

Free Printable Valentines Lyrical Hearts | Popcorn & Chocolate

Adele – Hello  Bieber – Love Yourself  Bieber – Sorry  Drake – Cell Phone  Drake – Hot Love  One Direction – Perfect  The Weeknd – The Hills  TSwift – Blank Space

Super Bowl Bingo Boards | Popcorn & Chocolate

Printable Super Bowl 50 Commercial Bingo Cards

Super Bowl Bingo Boards | Popcorn & ChocolateI absolutely love the Super Bowl. It is the one football game I watch a year, and I have so much fun every year cozying up with my nachos or chili and watching all the commercials while trying to follow the game as best as I can.¬†What’s not to love?!Super Bowl Bingo Boards | Popcorn & ChocolateA few years ago, Haley and I were studying abroad in London. When the Super Bowl came around, we were excited that the college Haley was studying at was hosting a Super Bowl event where you could come and drink cider and eat nachos!

We showed up at the Super Bowl party, got our cider and our nachos, and found a good seat. We cheers’d at kick off, and watched the first part of the game. We patiently sat excitingly waiting to see what types of commercials they would show this year. It took us until halftime to realize that they weren’t playing any commercials at all… I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about it before, but they wouldn’t be streaming the same commercials in London even if they could stream the game. It was very disappointing since the commercials are half the fun!Super Bowl Bingo Boards | Popcorn & ChocolateWhen the Super Bowl rolled around the next year, we were determined to make it a good one. So we went online and found Super Bowl bingo cards. Have you guys ever played? It’s so much fun! This year we decided to make our own and that’s what we have for you here. I made some awesome printable bingo cards if I do say so myself, so if you haven’t played, you will now! Each square on the bingo cards is a company or product that there may be a commercial for. When that commercial plays, you get to put a chip (or a piece of popcorn or chocolate) on that square. If you have a small group, give everyone two boards for twice the fun. You’ll soon find yourself running up to get more food during the game and rushing back during the commercials so you don’t miss any… you snooze you lose — and don’t expect your friends to tell you which commercials played while you were gone!Super Bowl Bingo Boards | Popcorn & ChocolateGo¬†print these Super Bowl 50¬†commercial bingo boards out, cut them out, grab something to use as bingo chips like scrap paper, popcorn, M&Ms, whatever you have, and get ready to play! Don’t forget the Free space!Super Bowl Bingo Boards | Popcorn & Chocolate

Download your Bingo boards here: Super Bowl 50 bingo boards