What We Ate January 25-31

Hello! As you can probably guess already from our blog, we enjoy cooking and eating healthy meals. Ever since we started cooking our own meals, we haven’t looked back. We love being able to plan and cook what we are craving. Even on days where we have very little food left in our fridge, we are less likely to call for takeout and instead we whip something up with what we have available. Sometimes our meals are delicious, and are placed in our mental definitely have to make this again list. Other times they might not turn out the best. When that happens we try to come up with ways in which we would improve upon the recipe if we were to make it again.

On Saturday or Sunday morning, we typically are scrolling through our Pinterests or raking our brains to plan out our meals for the upcoming week. We find that if we plan exactly what we want to eat, we spend less money at the grocery picking up fruit that ends up going bad or spinach that starts to smell, hidden in the depths of our fridge. Plus, with meals already planned out, after work we can easily choose which one we want that night and get cooking. Plus plus, leftovers are always delicious for lunch the next day (or for dinner again)!

We thought it would be fun to share the meals that we cooked the previous week each Sunday. This way, you can gain some inspiration for what to cook the next week, or just see what we have been up to! We will link each of the recipes we choose, and explain any modifications that we have made. Let us know if you like this idea and find it helpful or if you get sick of seeing what we eat each week!

Without further ado, here are the meals we had last week. Sorry for the lack of pictures, we kind of decided to do this mid-week, once we already ate a few of the meals. Oops!

Sunday: Homemade pizza! We had both been craving pizza so we decided to make it a few nights before. We had previously picked up pizza dough and sauce at Whole Foods. We both wanted different sauces (Haley wanted pesto and Rose wanted tomato) so we divided our pizza in half and did half pesto and half tomato sauce. To top the pizza we cut mozzarella into big circular slices and topped with some veggies we had – asparagus, zucchini, broccoli, tomatoes, and corn. We quickly sautéed the veggies while the dough cooked for about 7 minutes. It was delicious; you really can’t go wrong with pizza. We also had a side salad with spring mix lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and oil and vinegar.

Monday: Skinny Chicken Vegetable Pot Pie. This turned out pretty good, but it seemed like it needed a tad bit more flavor to it, maybe it’s because we were rushed because we were hungry. I loved the sweet potato in it though. And the phyllo dough was crunchy and delicious on top. Sorry we don’t have a picture of this!


Tuesday: Slow Cooker General Tso’s Chicken (pictured above). It was a snow day for us so we had time to do a slow cooker recipe (we’re still a little nervous to leave the slow cooker going all day while we are at work). This was so so good. Everyone calls their recipes better than take out, but this one definitely was better than take out!

Wednesday: Leftover pot pie from Monday. Since there’s only two of us, we end up with lots of leftovers.


Thursday: Tacos! We made tacos with sautéd red pepper, corn, and pinto beans. We mashed up an avocado with some salsa and then piled it all onto wraps. yum!


Thursday night: Some sneaky little chocolate cake with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. And wine! It was my birthday so we got to celebrate with some yummy cake and ice cream.

Friday: Leftover tacos, my favorite!

I hope some of these recipes inspire you. Let us know which ones you make!