Halloween Etched Bottles


Hi again,

We are back with yet another Halloween craft for you to do! This one follows the same instructions for our glass etching tutorial. Have a look at those instructions for a more in-depth description of how to etch glass, otherwise read on to find out how we made this simple craft into fun and creepy Halloween decorations.

IMG_2882  IMG_2886

A few weekends ago we went to our local Goodwill and picked up a bunch of empty glass bottles that were each about $1. We wanted to find some unique looking bottles to hold some candy and drinks for a Halloween party. You can also just use any empty glass bottles you have at home as well.

Next we planned out what we wanted to etch onto the bottles. We liked the idea of using creepy ingredients one might use for a potion. We also wanted to do a simple skull and crossbones poison bottle, because you can’t go wrong with that! Since the skull bottle is a little different we will explain it more in depth after the more simple ones.

IMG_2889 IMG_2890 IMG_2892

We used a combination of these etching letters we had used from the previous etching DIY as well as some plain vinyl letters we picked up from a craft store. You have to keep in mind that with the vinyl letters, the etching will be outside as the letters will block the cream, so they’re good for if you want to etch a whole area and have your words blocked out of that. We placed the letters where we wanted them on the bottles and then began to sketch out what we wanted around the letters.

photo 2 photo 4

For Rose’s witch fingers bottle she drew a frame on a piece of white paper and then cut it out using blue painters tape. This is the part where we highly recommend you buy some double sided tape so you can stick the frame cutout to one side and then stick the other side right to the bottle. We didn’t have any on hand so we had to improvise a bit. Instead we had to try and stencil and cut out our designs on the non-sticky side of the tape, which got frustrating pretty fast as the tape would just get caught on everything. Plus, you want it to be as sticky as it can be so no etching cream leaks through. Anyways, back to the witch fingers. Rose cut out the frame from painters tape and then stuck that around her letters. Next she slabbed on the etching cream and let sit for 30 minutes.

IMG_2893 IMG_2896

For Haley’s eye of newt, she used the etching letters to spell out “eye of newt.” We only have one set of the alphabet (and there are 3 e’s in eye of newt), so it took a few rounds of etching and rinsing to get the whole phrase. I’d recommend putting random letters in place of the repeated letters to map out the whole phrase before etching, just to make sure it will fit the way you like. Also, after you finish etching the first round of letters and are ready to move things around to etch the next round, make sure not to remove the letter adjacent to the letter you are adding to keep the alignment how you want it! Once Haley had all the letters etched, she cut out a vine shape and some small leaves using the painters tape and etched that design around the letters. Remember, you want to cut your stencils so you’ll put etching cream on the inside of the design you want.

IMG_2558 IMG_2436

For the poison bottle, we printed out some skull and crossbones designs we found online. Again, we had a bit of trouble because we did not have double sided tape. We placed tape on the back of the paper design and then cut out both layers. We put some folded up tape on the back of the design and then taped it to the bottle. But there was still a lot of space where the etching cream could leak through, so Rose held the design down tightly while Haley carefully etched around the edges. We let it sit for about 40 minutes and then carefully rinsed it off.

IMG_2881We hope we inspired you with another Halloween craft. This is perfect to serve drinks or different candy in at our party. We are planning on putting those candy eyeballs in the eye of newt bottle and some candy fingers in the witch fingers bottle!


Keep checking back to see more DIY’s from our Halloween table!

Glass Etching DIY

IMG_1527Ever wonder what to do with all those glass containers leftover from the huge bunch of Bath and Body Works candles you bought? Well we have a fun and simple DIY for you! All you need is a cleaned out glass candle holder (or anything made of glass you want to etch on), some glass etching cream, a paintbrush, and some letters or a stencil of some sort. We like candles in this household, and tend to go a little crazy whenever there is a big sale going on at Bath and Body Works (especially when the season changes – we are currently resisting the urge to stock up on the fall scents at the moment. It’s hard to resist Pumpkin Caramel Latte!). But we would burn through the candles and not know what to do with the jars afterwards. We had an etching kit from Darby Smart lying around and decided to etch onto the glass once the candle was gone. This got our creative juices flowing and soon we were using painters tape and stencil punch outs to make fun designs. Here are some of the candles we have etched.

IMG_1521 IMG_1533 IMG_1520

This craft is rather simple and a lot of fun once you peel off all the letters and see your design revealed. The first thing you’d want to do is clear out that extra bit of wax from the bottom of the jar. This is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is pour boiling water into the candle and let it sit, the wax will eventually float to the top. This sometimes takes a few rounds of boiling water for the bigger candles. It also helps to cut up the wax with a knife at the bottom so it can more easily float up. Make sure to dump the used water out outside or in a safe container, as it will clog up your drain. Another method you can use to clean out the wax is to put the candle in the freezer. We used the boiling water method, but we have heard freezing it works just as well. Once all the wax is out we like to soak the candle in soap and hot water so the stickers peel off. We also scrub the glass well with a sponge to get rid of any lasting wax residue. And that’s it! Now you have a nice cleaned out jar!

On to the etching, which is also very easy and only a tad bit messy.

Supplies you will need:


– Glass container

– Glass etching cream – we used Martha Stewart Crafts brand

– Paint brush

– Letter stickers – we used these from the Darby Smart kit, but you could use any vinyl sticky letters! Comment if you find good ones somewhere.



1. Start with a clean glass surface. Place down the letters where you want them and make sure they are secure.

IMG_1506 IMG_1507

2. Get your paint brush full of etching cream and carefully paint inside your letters. This can get tricky trying to stay within the lines of the letters because you do need a lot of the cream, but just do the best you can and if you mess up we won’t tell anyone! Anywhere the etching cream goes, it will etch, so if you do mess up and you’re upset with it, just try to wipe it up with a paper towel as quickly as possible.

IMG_1510 IMG_1511

3. Let the cream dry for at least 15 minutes, but if you have more time, let it sit longer.

IMG_1509 IMG_1512

4. After 15 minutes, bring the jar over to the sink and rinse off the cream with soap and water.


5. Peel off the letters and voila! Biso biso means kiss kiss in french, so Haley made this one for a lipstick holder! Such a cute idea!

IMG_1538 IMG_1540 IMG_1553

Like all crafts we do, we got really into these and tried other designs and methods. For the stars and flowers you will need some painters tape and a stencil punch-out in addition to the other supplies mentioned above. Tear off a piece of the painters tape and then punch out the stencil design. You can either use the inside or the surrounding design and stick it to the glass. Do this as many times as you like to cover your jar. Follow the same steps (2-5) as above to apply the etching cream and let it set.

IMG_1550IMG_1544 IMG_1545 IMG_1547 IMG_1548

We hope you enjoyed our etching DIY! It’s been fun to etch random glass jars we find lying around. Also, we have started going to the candle sections in stores and buying candles less for their scent and more for their cool jars. Haha.. crafter habits. Let us know if you tried this craft and what you etched!