Fabric covered letters | Popcorn & Chocolate

Fabric Covered Letters

Fabric covered letters | Popcorn & ChocolateMake these easy fabric covered letters to add to your shelf or gallery wall! We had these wooden letters that we bought forever ago thinking we would do one thing with them then another then another… We also bought some fabric forever ago at Ikea (gotta love) that we kept meaning to use as well… Well combine two craft supplies you didn’t need into one and you get these lovely fabric covered letters! Sometimes crafters go a little overboard in buying supplies. But I’m so glad we 1. finally have a use for these crafts and 2. that they came out so good! Fabric covered letters | Popcorn & ChocolateThey are very simple to make and only require a few items that you might already have lying around in your craft supplies closet already. You can head on over to Homedit to see the full tutorial on how to make these fabric covered letters.

Fabric covered letters | Popcorn & ChocolateFabric covered letters | Popcorn & Chocolate

Check out the full tutorial on how to make these fabric covered letters over on Homedit

P.S. Special thanks to my brother for helping out with styling and taking pictures of these lovely letters!

P.P.S. I think these letters would look bomb hung up next to one of our weaves.  Might I suggest a pineapple?

Halloween Sculpey Drink Stirrers | Popcorn & Chocolate

Halloween Sculpey Drink Stirrers

Halloween Sculpey Drink Stirrers | Popcorn & ChocolateCelebrate Halloween in style with these fun and festive Sculpey drink stirrers. Halloween is right around the corner people! If you are planning on drinking or serving drinks at your Halloween party have no fear because you still have time to make these silly and simple drink stirrers. Witch Hat Sculpey Drink Stir | Popcorn & Chocolate

We are all about the easy and inexpensive crafts over here on Popcorn & Chocolate. So we’ve got all you last minute Halloweeners covered. If you are in the 21+ category, you can read on to learn how to make these halloween themed drink stirrers, and if you are not 21, maybe keep it to mocktails this year. For some fun for all ages, check out our Halloween bunting flags we made last year. Better yet, grab your friends invite them over to have a few spooky cocktails with these drink stirrers while you all make some bunting flags! That sounds like my kind of party 😉

Easy Halloween Sculpey Drink Stirrers | Popcorn & Chocolate

In reality I’ll be home handing out candy to children hoping they don’t trip over the 10 pumpkins we all carved. We go a little pumpkin carving crazy over here. This year was no exception. Rose came over to my house and we carved 3 pumpkins each and then I kept on carving more when she left… between my mom, Rose, and I, we’ve got a total of 10 pumpkins. I think that’s some sort of record for us. Last Minute Halloween Craft - Sculpey Drink Stirrers | Popcorn & Chocolate


Better celebrate with a nice stiff drink! Speaking of drinks – are you ready to learn how to make these sculpted drink stirrers yet?? Keep reading to find out how to make these and for a list of some spooky halloween cocktails to stir up with your new drink stirrers!

Last Minute Halloween Sculpey Drink Stirrers | Popcorn & Chocolate



1.Start with a small chunk (about the size of a quarter) of whatever color Sculpey you want – I’ll be showing you the jack-o-lantern so I started with orange Sculpey.

2. Roll the Sculpey into a ball.

Halloween Sculpey Drink Stirrers | Popcorn & Chocolate

3. Taking the drink stirrer press it firmly into the Sculpey ball and twirl it around a little bit to loosen out the hole. Take the drink stirrer out.

Halloween Sculpey Drink Stirrers | Popcorn & Chocolateimg_2605

4. Take some black Sculpey and roll out a thin piece to make the eyes and mouth. I used a tiny knife to cut small triangles for the eyes and a toothy mouth shape. Press these firmly onto the orange Sculpey ball.

Jack-O-Lantern Sculpey Drink Stir | Popcorn & Chocolateimg_26145. Bake the Sculpey according to your package instructions (I believe it is usually 275°F per 1/4 inch thickness – since the ball was pretty thick this took about 30-40 minutes). Let cool.

6. Once the Sculpey is baked and cooled, take your hot glue gun and dab a bit of glue onto the tip of the drink stirrer and then put the Sculpey ball where you just dabbed. For some of them, we didn’t make our hole big enough so we had to use the flat end of the drink stirrer instead of the rounded ball end, which is fine, but it looks better the other way around. DO NOT FORCE the Sculpey onto the drink stirrer if it does not fit – it will break (my broken bone can attest to that).

7. Pop in your cocktail and stir away!

Halloween Sculpey Drink Stirrers | Popcorn & Chocolate

That’s another simple and easy (and fun!) Halloween craft for all you last minute decorators. We got you covered.

And here are some of our favorite halloween themed cocktails that you can put your new drink stirrer in!

  1. Hallowine Sangria from The Seasoned Mom
  2. Monster Mash from Freut Cake
  3. Hocus Pocus from The Foodie Affair
  4. Ginger Bourbon Cider from Hungry Girl por Vida
  5. Dirt Cup Vodka from CGM Foodie Fridays

We hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween! Let us know in the comments below what you are doing this Halloween!

DIY Sculpey Drink Stirrers | Popcorn & Chocolate

You can always just pin it for next year too 😉

Halloween Sculpey Drink Stirrers | Popcorn & Chocolate

halloween pumpkin candle DIY | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Halloween Jack-O-Lantern and Cauldron Candle Holders

Learn how to make these Halloween jack-o-lantern and cauldron candle holders!

cauldron and jack-o-lantern candle holder | Popcorn and Chocolate

It’s October and fall is in the air and Halloween is-a-comin and it’s time to cozy up and decorate your home for Halloween! Don’t you just love decorating for Halloween? I know we do! We have an entire box full of Halloween goodies that we eagerly pull out at the first sign of almost fall so we can drag Halloween on as long as possible. It’s time to bring out the mugs with witches legs on them and the tumblers with glass blown pumpkins on the front and hang up the spider lights: Halloween is in the air!

DIY halloween candle jars | Popcorn and Chocolate

And you know what else is in the Halloween air? Candles! To light up your dinner party and cozy up your living room! These candles are so easy to make, you probably have most of the supplies at home already and the ones you’d need to purchase only cost a few bucks each.

halloween pumpkin candle DIY | Popcorn and ChocolateHalloween witch cauldron candle | Popcorn and Chocolate

Or, fill them with candy corn and use the jars that way! Or go wild with all sorts of different jack-o-lantern faces! I just love the look of the candle glowing out of the jack-o-lantern and cauldron that we made.

Head on over to our post on Homedit to see how to make these fun Halloween themed candles.

And let us know in the comments what other Halloween themed candle ideas you have!

jack-o-lantern glass jar candle | Popcorn and ChocolateDIY Halloween candle holders | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Halloween Candle Holders | Popcorn & Chocolate

Click here to find the full instructions!

Washi Tape Jar Lids

Mason Jar Lids 1

It is no secret that we like our jars here in the Popcorn and Chocolate household. It all started with a big box of mason jars that we got at Walmart our junior year in college. We used these jars for everything from holding food to craft supplies; they always were handy. However, somewhere between our junior year and our senior year of college we lost a few of those mason jars. We started out with 12 and ended up with 2, one of which I use everyday to make my overnight oats.

Stacked jarsAlmond Mason Jar

The past few years we have accumulated some miss-matched jars from old salsa containers and pasta sauce, which have been decent but they just didn’t compare to the good ol’ mason jars. We would go to the grocery store and see that they were on sale and stare longingly at them as we slowly pushed our cart away, thinking no we don’t need those.. not right now..

All lids and almond jarSkip ahead to the present day where our nut cabinet (yes, this is a cabinet dedicated to nut butters and nuts and seeds and pretty much everything I love to eat) is overflowing to the brim with loose bags all shoved into the corners. This cabinet has become an unorganized mess of nuts! Something had to change, and quickly because I can’t stop buying nuts and making new nut butters.

Lid View

Then one fine weekend we were strolling past the mason jars in the grocery store and we decided it was time to buy a new set. This time we got the size smaller as we have constantly needed that size to put sauces and spice mixes in. Once we were home I quickly dumped all the bagged nuts into these clean new jars and organization existed again! However, there was still something missing, something that wasn’t quite right. And then it came to us: Lids!

Jars with washi

The lids on the mason jar needed to be spiced up. We grabbed our pile of washi and set to work. First we traced the inside lid onto white paper and then cut out the circles. Next we took the washi tape and covered the white circle with it, making sure to line up the pattern with each row. And that’s it! That’s all it took to spruce up the old nut butter cabinet: just some handy dandy jars and washi tape, my favorite things.

Polka dot lidall mason jar lids

We would also recommend either laminating the paper or just mod-podging the top of it to make sure they last through many of refills, because we all know that these jars are bound to be used a lot. This craft was super easy and really transforms the look of the jar and our whole cabinet in general. We hope you liked this simple DIY!

Almond jar