DIY Clay Bunny Planter | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Clay Bunny Planters

DIY Clay Bunny Planter | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Clay Bunny Planter | Popcorn and ChocolateKeep reading to find out how to make these DIY clay bunny planters!

DIY Clay Bunny Planter | Popcorn and Chocolate

Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is the day. Rose finally turns 25 and joins me in the confused land of not quite fresh out of college and not quite settling into your 30’s. Let’s all take a quick moment to welcome her to this new age before we get into bunny DIYs.

DIY Clay Bunny Planter | Popcorn and Chocolate

This is a rather sad day for me as I’ve spent the last 5?6? (you kinda loose track after a while) birthdays with her and now due to certain circumstances (our stupid pea brains getting too anxious) we won’t be together. Though I will be driving down to Boston the first chance I get to smother her with gifts and popcorn and quite possibly this little clay Easter bunny planter.

DIY Clay Bunny Planter | Popcorn and Chocolate

Speaking of, shall we get on with the DIY? Hokay. This little bunny planter is a cute way to add a bit of holiday flair to your home without going too over the top. Plus, it’s pretty stinking cute so you could get away with having  it out all year round.

DIY Clay Bunny Planter | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Clay Bunny Planter | Popcorn and Chocolate

Shall we hop right into it?


  • Sculpey/oven bake clay (can use colored or just plain white and paint it after)
  • Rolling pin
  • Plastic knife
  • Oven
  • Glue gun


  1. Start by kneading your clay in your hands for a minute or so just to warm it up. Once it is more pliable, roll it out into a thin oval shape using a rolling pin.How to make a bunny planter using clay
  2. Trim off the sides of the oval so it is a thin, long rectangle.
  3. Take one end of the rectangle and loop it around to the other side to form a circle. Attach the edges together by gently kneading the clay onto itself.How to make a bunny planter using clay
  4. Roll out some more clay into a thin circle to act as the bottom of your pot. To measure you can put the circle you just made on top of the disk and cut away any excess.How to make a bunny planter using clay
  5. Attach the bottom of the pot to the circle by kneading the clay onto itself.How to make a bunny planter using clay
  6. Now make some ears and a tail for your bunny. For the ears, roll out some more clay and then taking your plastic knife cut out two ear shapes (like a triangle). For the tail take a small bit of clay and roll it into a small ball.How to make a bunny planter using clay
  7. Optional: if you want you can attach the ears and tail to the clay but for ease I did this later using a glue gun.
  8. Pop your clay pieces into the oven on a piece of parchment and bake at 275º per 1/4 inch thickness.
  9. Once your clay is baked and cooled you can go ahead and attach the ears and tail using a glue gun.
  10. Stick a cute succulent or cactus into your planter and you are good to go!

DIY Clay Bunny Planter | Popcorn and Chocolate

How about that bunny? A simple Easter DIY that is subtle enough to display all year round.

So what are you waiting for, hop to it and go make this little bunny!

DIY Clay Bunny Planter | Popcorn and Chocolate

If you are looking for other fun Easter DIY ideas, go check out our Pinterest!

Learn how to make this DIY clay bunny planter by clicking through! | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Easter Eggs Roundup by Popcorn and Chocolate

The Ultimate Easter Egg DIY Roundup: 40 colorful and unique ways to decorate your eggs!

Easter is fast approaching and that means you gotta get all your ducks (or eggs) in a row for the big day. Luckily, today we’ve got the ultimate Easter egg DIY roundup for you! There are so many incredible and fun Easter egg DIY’s out there that I just wanted to share them all with you! Let us know in the comments if you try any of them or which one is your favorite. I definitely will have to stock up on eggs next time I’m at the store.

DIY Easter Eggs Roundup by Popcorn and Chocolate

I don’t even know where to start all of these DIYs are so clever but I guess we should jump right in, yes? As a disclaimer: none of these images are my own, I have linked the source of the DIY to the owner.

1. DIY Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs, by The Crafted Life
How fun are these?? Warning: I’m probably going to say that about every egg. But I’m loving the tattoo choices here!Temporary tattoo easter eggs

2. DIY Celebrity Easter Eggs, by Studio DIY
These eggs just crack me up! Also, fun fact, Oprah is speaking at Skidmore’s graduation this year… not bitter about this or anything. Celebrity-Easter-Eggs-6-600x900

3. Mr. Potato Head Easter Eggs, by The Glitter In My Tea
These guys are so stinking adorable I can’t get over it! Also, don’t know how Amy cut out such tiny hats and glasses!Mr. Potato Head Easter Egg

4. DIY Tamagotchi Pet Easter Eggs, by Brite And Bubbly
Keeping in line with the 90’s toys throw back – who remembers playing with Tamagotchi’s??? Fabulous!Tamagatchi-Easter-Egg-2

5. DIY Pink Pineapple Easter Eggs, by Best Friends For Frosting
I’m kind of really obsessed with these pineapple eggs! Anything and everything pineapple please!cute-easter-egg-pineapples

6. DIY Typography Sand Art Easter Eggs, by Aww Sam
These eggs are definitely cool beans!SandArtEggs1

7. Pain Splattered Easter Eggs, by Squirrely Minds
Splatter away with this simple DIY!140417-paint-splattered-easter-eggs-six

8. DIY Constellation Eggs, by Kittenhood
These eggs are out of this world (sorry for all the bad puns, but it comes with the territory)DIY Constellation Eggs

9. DIY Stars And Moons Easter Eggs, by Homey Oh My
If a whole constellation is too daunting, try some moon and stars!
Star and moons easter eggs

10. Modern Easter Eggs, by Lily Ardor
These trendy little eggs will be sure to get all the compliments
DIY Modern Easter Eggs

11. Fruit Stamped Easter Eggs, by Delineate Your Dwelling
These fruity eggs are adorable!
DIY Fruit Stamped Easter Eggs

12. Marbled Easter Eggs, by Oh So Beautiful Paper
If it’s marble, count me in!

13. Sprinkle Easter Eggs, by Studio DIY
We all need more sprinkles in our lives!
DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs

14.  Easter Bunny Eggs, by Little Red Window
What’s Easter without some bunnies??
DIY Easter bunny egg

15. Graffiti Art Easter Eggs, by Paper & Stitch
Take your graffiti off the streets and onto your eggs for this DIY!

16. Cactus Easter Eggs, by Delia Creates
Oh my cacti! Love these little guys!
Cactus Easter Eggs

17. Tropical Leaf Easter Eggs, by Oh So Beautiful Paper
Feeling the tropical vibes? Try these tropical leaf eggs!

18. Pastel Marble Eggs, by Bespoke Bride
Pastel and marble? Yaaasss!

19. Typography Easter Eggs, by Lovely Indeed
So many eggcelent Easter puns!
Typography Easter eggs

20. DIY Snowflake Easter Egg, by Motte Blog
Keep a bit of winter alive with these fun snowflake eggs!
Snowflake Easter eggs

21. DIY Avocado Easter Eggs, by Aww Sam
Avocado and eggs is always a winning combination in my book!
Avocado Easter Eggs

22. DIY Burger Eggs, by Studio DIY
And if you don’t like avocados, try these burger eggs instead!
DIY Burger easter egg

23. Ice Cream Cone Eggs, by The Decorated Cookie
Feeling extra sweet? Try these ice cream cone eggs!
DIY ice cream cone easter agg

24. Ombre Easter Eggs, by The Crafted Life
Love me some ombre!
DIY Ombre Easter Eggs

25. Otomi-Print Easter Eggs, by Homemade Banana
Loving the bright and colorful pattern on these eggs!
Otomi Print Egg

26. Gold Leaf Easter Eggs, by Artful Days
The best golden eggs ever!

27. Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs, by Studio DIY
Gold? Confetti? And color block?? Yes, yes, and yes please!

28. Pantone Easter Eggs, by A Kailo Chic Life
Such a clever idea for an egg!
Pantone Easter eggs

29. Mud Cloth Inspired Eggs, by A Charming Project
I might be partial, but I’m loving these mud cloth eggs!

30. Black And White Swan Eggs, by Design Is Yay
How clever are these swan eggs??
Black and white swan eggs

31. Modern Brushstroke Easter Eggs, by Idle Hands
These eggs look so simple and so elegant!
Modern brushstroke easter eggs

32. DIY Moss Design Eggs, by The Merry Thought
Moss on eggs? Who knew this combo would be so great!
DIY moss eggs

33. Watercolor Floral Eggs, by Dream A Little Bigger
If moss isn’t quite your thing, try out these pretty watercolor floral eggs!
Watercolor floral eggs

34. Confetti Easter Eggs, by Alice and Lois
You can never go wrong with a little confetti!

35. DIY Emoji Easter Eggs, by Studio DIY
Express yourself with these emoji eggs!
DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

36. DIY Hot Dog Easter Eggs, by Brite & Bubbly
Hot diggity dog!
Hot dog Easter egg

37. Banana Split Easter Eggs, by The Glitter In My Tea
If you couldn’t tell by now, I love food. The one thing I love more than food itself is a food themed DIY like this amazing banana split easter egg DIY!
Banana split easter eggs

38. Sprinkle Easter Eggs, by Let’s Mingle
I don’t much like jimmies on my ice cream but on my eggs, yes way!
DIY sprinkle easter eggs

39. Hologram Foil Easter Eggs, by Oh So Beautiful Paper
All about that holo life? We got something for you too!
Hologram foil easter egg

40. DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs, by Little Inspiration
These unicorn eggs have to be the cutest things ever!
DIY Unicorn easter eggs

There you have it, an amazing list of 4o different  Easter egg DIYs! So tell me, which was your favorite?? Have you tried any of these DIYs before? If you’re looking for other, non-egg related Easter DIYs be sure to check out my Pinterest as well as these cute bunny erasers I made!

DIY Easter Eggs Roundup by Popcorn and Chocolate

Do it yourself Easter bunny erasers | Popcorn and Chocolate

Simple Bunny Erasers for Easter

DIY Easter Bunny Erasers | Popcorn and ChocolateKeep reading to find the full tutorial for these cute and simple bunny erasers for Easter (or anytime really)!

DIY Bunny Eraser for Easter (or anytime)! | Popcorn and Chocolate

When I was a wee little one, I remember (via home videos) running around behind my brothers as they scooped up all the Easter eggs as I looked confused and delighted all at once. Eventually my brothers would start pointing eggs out to me and putting them in my basket, at which point I would stop searching for new eggs and work on opening the eggs in my basket.

Do it yourself Easter bunny erasers | Popcorn and Chocolate

It was always so exciting to find what was hidden in each Easter egg. Usually it was candy but what kind and how much you never knew. On the rare occurrence there was a toy inside. That was almost more precious then the ubiquitous candy.

DIY Bunny Erasers | Popcorn and Chocolate

Today we’re sharing a very simple (like too simple to have written a whole post on it) DIY that is perfect to hide in your kids Easter eggs. Or, you could make these bunny erasers and give them away to your friends as a little Easter gift. Or or, if you just need an eraser why not make it a cute bunny shape? I’m all for objects that are shaped like cute animals.

DIY Bunny Erasers perfect for Easter | Popcorn and Chocolate

Andddd if you are looking for a super cute Easter basket to store these bunny erasers in be sure to check out our pom-pom Easter basket we made last year. It’s another super simple Easter DIY.


  • Eraser clay
  • Bunny mold (alternatively you can form the bunny yourself) I bought my mold at Michaels but have linked a similar one from Amazon.
  • Oven


  1. Start by kneading the eraser clay in your hands for a few minutes just to warm it up so it is easier to work with.
  2. Taking your bunny mold, plop the eraser clay into one of slots and press it down and around so it fits the whole slot.
  3. Take the eraser clay out of the mold by gently prying up each side.
  4. Optional: Taking the eraser side of a pencil, gently press it into the bottom of the bunny to create a hole so that the eraser can be placed on a pencil.
  5. Pop the eraser clay on a piece of parchment paper on a oven tray and bake in the oven for the given time it says on your eraser clay package. Since my bunny was pretty thick this took quite some time – just be patient and know that the thicker your eraser the longer it will take.
  6. Let cool and pop on your favorite pencil or stick in an Easter basket as a cute little gift!

DIY Bunny Erasers | Popcorn and Chocolate

Click here if you want some more cute Easter ideas and DIYs!

DIY Easter Bunny Eraser | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Pom-Pom Easter Baskets

DIY Pom-Pom Easter Basket | Popcorn & ChocolateHello from San Francisco! We are currently on vacation checking out the west coast and what everything is like over here. We started out in Portland, then made our way to visit my brother in Eugene and now we are in San Fran! It has been quite rainy the whole time, but we have donned our raincoats and rain boots and have still had a lot of fun seeing everything (at least what we could with the fog and rain)! Today as I’m writing this, it is the first bright and sunny day here. We are about to go to the Golden Gate bridge and possibly walk across it. I couldn’t be more excited!

DIY Pom-Pom Easter Basket | Popcorn & Chocolate

But, in the meantime, I will leave you all here with this fun and easy Easter DIY. Pom-pom Easter baskets! How cute!

DIY Pom-Pom Easter Basket | Popcorn & Chocolate

Easter baskets are always essential to any great Easter. You wake up and creep downstairs and there is this wonderful pastel-colored basket full of chocolate and goodies. Rose is pretty sure her parents would put some jelly beans in there because they knew she wouldn’t eat them all so then they would get a treat too. The baskets of candy are always one of my favorite parts of Easter, so we decided instead of trying to terribly dye some Easter eggs, we would instead make some fun baskets!

DIY Pom-Pom Easter Basket | Popcorn & Chocolate

These baskets are super easy to make and only require a couple of supplies, which you probably already have at home. They are also are totally customizable!

DIY Pom-Pom Easter Basket | Popcorn & ChocolateSupplies:

  • Easter basket (we got ours at the dollar store)
  • Yarn
  • Glue gun
  • Fork

To make the pom-poms, we followed this DIY from Handimania. You take the yarn and wrap it around the fork a bunch of times and then tie it off with another piece of yarn and cut through the string. It’s really easy and the instructions are easy to follow. Once you have all your pom-poms ready and made, simply dab a bit of hot glue onto the pom and then adhere it to the basket wherever you want it. We glued ours to the rim and followed a pattern with the colors but feel free to glue them all over the basket and wherever your heart desires!

DIY Pom-Pom Easter Basket | Popcorn & Chocolate

That is all you need to do for this simple Easter craft! Let us know in the comments below what your favorite part of Easter is and what your favorite Easter candy is!

DIY Pom-Pom Easter Basket | Popcorn & Chocolate

Easter-themed Bunting Flags

bunny bunting flags Hi everyone! So even though it may not quite feel like spring here yet, the sun is out and the birds are chirping away. Also, our apartment is a million degrees so to us, it feels like spring, at least inside… And one thing we love to do as the seasons change is redecorate our apartment in little ways to keep it feeling fun and seasonal. bunny and carrot bunting flags In honor of spring and Easter, we made bunting flags with eggs, carrots, and bunnies on them. We love making themed bunting flags since they are simple to make and they always look so cute! egg and bunny bunting flag All we used here was a pack of scrapbook paper, some off-white or cream colored card-stock, and glue. We have lots of 12×12 sized scrapbook paper lying around from previous craft adventures, but these are pretty inexpensive at any craft store. You could also use the 6×6 size if you didn’t want to buy a big pack. We liked the idea of only using one book of paper to make sure the colors would match nicely. scrapbook paper bunting flags We found a simple bunny and cracked egg stencil online, and Haley was inspired to free-hand the carrot. And look how cute it came out! IMG_5937 We simply cut out each of the stencils and then traced them onto the scrapbook paper and then cut those out. We made the bunting flags by taking a piece of card-stock and cutting it in half and then cutting out a triangle on the bottom. Lastly we glued the scrapbook bunny, egg, or carrot onto the flag. We hung them up by using some string and these cute little clothespins we bought at Target a little while ago. And just like that our apartment has some lovely Easter/spring decorations to lighten it up! Haley and bunting flags I hope this inspires you to make spring bunting flags, and maybe having this up will actually bring spring to Boston… maybe…IMG_5900

Homemade Easter Peanut Butter Bunnies

Bunnies in basket

Hippity hop, you know what’s coming soon? Easter! And you know what that means? Easter candy! You know what else is coming soon? Summer! And you know what the means? Bikinis and hellooo you have a figure under all those frumpy sweaters?

Peanut butter bunnies in basket

Now I am alllllll for celebrating every holiday in the book. Even if I am 23 years old and might be a bit too old to partake in certain aspects of holidays, it doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy the holiday in general. I would love to still go trick or treating or do an Easter egg hunt but it might be a little unfair to all the kids so instead I have to find other ways to enjoy these holidays. For Halloween we threw an awesome party that allowed us to guiltlessly buy a ton of Halloween candy and decorations. For Easter we have decided to make our own yummy treats because as I previously mentioned, summer is soon and I can’t hide underneath my baggy sweaters/sweatpants throughout all of the season least I want to be a sweaty mess.

Bunny with eggs

These treats mimic the best candy ever: Reese’s! However, they do not have the added processed ingredients and sugars. Our homemade Reese’s are simple and pure and slightly too delicious to eat just one, or two, or three.. but at least you know exactly what is in them so go ahead, treat yo’ self. Treat yo’ 8 year old Easter candy loving self.

Peanut butter bunnies on crunch plate

For whatever reason the Easter egg shaped Reese’s always taste better than the normal Reese’s. Maybe because they’re bigger… When we saw this chocolate bunny mold we thought it would be perfect to get that big Easter egg Reese’s taste, plus look how cute it is! Who could resist that? Of course you don’t have to use a bunny mold for these, you can just use mini muffin papers to make little peanut butter cups or any mold you may have. Although, you will be warned they won’t taste quite as delectable.

Peanut butter bunnies

Okay, onto why you probably clicked this link to begin with, the recipe. All you need are some baking chips and some peanut/almond/nut butter of choice. If you’re doing white chocolate, we find that a white chocolate bar like Godiva or Ghirardelli works best since it melts down better. As for milk and dark chocolate, we’ve been into the Enjoy Life brand** Place about 1/2 cup of baking chips (more or less depending on how many Reese’s you want to make and how chocolatey you want each one to be) in a microwave safe bowl. Pop them in the microwave for about 20 seconds at a time, stirring so the chocolate doesn’t burn, until all chips are melted. Next, layer the chocolate into your tray or wrappers. We typically just use a spoon to do this and we try to keep the bottom layer pretty thin. Stick in the freezer for about 10-20 minutes just to harden a little bit. While that is in the freezer choose what peanut butter you want to put on your Reese’s. We like almond butter so we chose that but also put some of this banana chip peanut butter in some because yum. Take the tray/wrappers out of the freezer then put a layer of peanut butter in each. Top them all off with some more melted chocolate and pop back into the freezer for at least an hour. Rose likes to mash her almond/peanut butter with some oats and agave for a different flavor.

Peanut butter bunny and egg basket

Peanut butter bunny stacked

There you have it a super simple and very delicious and slightly, maybe, a tiny bit healthier than actual Reese’s recipe. We loveee these and keep making new batches using different kinds of chocolate (dark, milk, white) and different nut butters (maple almond, honey almond, cashew butter!). As you can tell we have gotten pretty good at the whole homemade Reese game. Let us know in the comments below what kind of chocolate and nut butter combo you would do. We’ve also contemplated putting a banana slice in them as well, such fun! Also, our next Reese’s adventure will be using chocolate nut butter on the inside and peanut butter chips on the outside because yum and why not?

Bunnies and hen towel

Happy Spring and happy soon to be Easter! Check back for some other fun Easter/Spring ideas soon!

Peanut butter bunnies crunch