DIY Embroidered Cork Board Leaf Coasters

DIY cork board embroidered leaf coasters | Popcorn & ChocolateSorry for being a bit MIA the past week. I would say we have been busy and what not but really we haven’t, we’ve just been lazy bums. Sometimes all I want to do when I get home from work is sit my bum on the couch and watch TV and eat cookies and drink tea. While that is all fine and dandy, we do enjoy this blog and are trying to make some fun things to share with you all (whilst balancing work and those occasional lazy days we all need).

DIY cork board embroidered leaf coasters | Popcorn & Chocolate DIY cork board embroidered leaf coasters | Popcorn & ChocolateToday we have one of said fun things to share with you. We have created embroidered cork board leaf coasters! They are super cute and a lot of fun to make! Plus, they are perfect for your Thanksgiving table or just out and about for an extra seasonal flare.

DIY cork board embroidered leaf coasters | Popcorn & Chocolate At first, we knew we wanted to be able to embroider different patterns on the leaves but didn’t know how we could go about doing this. That is when the lovely cork board came to mind. It is perfect because not only does it already look sort of leaf colored but you can also easily embroider into it to make any design your heart desires.

DIY cork board embroidered leaf coasters | Popcorn & ChocolateWe printed out basic leaf stencils from the interweb and then Rose stenciled them onto the cork board and cut them out using an exacto knife. This was a bit more of a delicate process than one would think, so be careful with your cuts. Cork board tends to rip and break off, and you wouldn’t want your acorn to lose its stem now would you? As you can see some of our poor acorns heads got a bit chopped off. But, ya know, nature ain’t perfect!

DIY cork board embroidered leaf coasters | Popcorn & ChocolateFinally once we cut out all the leafs and acorns our hearts desired, we began to embroider. For this, we took embroidery thread and took only 4 of the strands of it. We found that using all the strands was too thick for the cork and made bigger holes in it than we wanted. We used a regular needle for embroidery and just remembered to knot the thread before we started. Again, be careful at this step because the cork can break easily. If you have to undo a stitch, just be careful pulling it back out that you don’t break anything. We played around with different patterns and styles on all of the different leafs. We also chose fun bright colors so you would really be able to see the string.

DIY cork board embroidered leaf coasters | Popcorn & Chocolate

This craft was a lot of fun to do! I’m not much of an embroiderer but I didn’t let that stop me from trying. You can do simple stripes across (like with our acorn) or simple stitches outlining the leaf. Or, get more fancy if you are a true embroiderer and make some funky designs! We would love to see what you guys comes up with!

DIY cork board embroidered leaf coasters | Popcorn & Chocolate

Embroidered Cork Coasters | Popcorn & Chocolate


Easter-themed Bunting Flags

bunny bunting flags Hi everyone! So even though it may not quite feel like spring here yet, the sun is out and the birds are chirping away. Also, our apartment is a million degrees so to us, it feels like spring, at least inside… And one thing we love to do as the seasons change is redecorate our apartment in little ways to keep it feeling fun and seasonal. bunny and carrot bunting flags In honor of spring and Easter, we made bunting flags with eggs, carrots, and bunnies on them. We love making themed bunting flags since they are simple to make and they always look so cute! egg and bunny bunting flag All we used here was a pack of scrapbook paper, some off-white or cream colored card-stock, and glue. We have lots of 12×12 sized scrapbook paper lying around from previous craft adventures, but these are pretty inexpensive at any craft store. You could also use the 6×6 size if you didn’t want to buy a big pack. We liked the idea of only using one book of paper to make sure the colors would match nicely. scrapbook paper bunting flags We found a simple bunny and cracked egg stencil online, and Haley was inspired to free-hand the carrot. And look how cute it came out! IMG_5937 We simply cut out each of the stencils and then traced them onto the scrapbook paper and then cut those out. We made the bunting flags by taking a piece of card-stock and cutting it in half and then cutting out a triangle on the bottom. Lastly we glued the scrapbook bunny, egg, or carrot onto the flag. We hung them up by using some string and these cute little clothespins we bought at Target a little while ago. And just like that our apartment has some lovely Easter/spring decorations to lighten it up! Haley and bunting flags I hope this inspires you to make spring bunting flags, and maybe having this up will actually bring spring to Boston… maybe…IMG_5900