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Free Printable Super Bowl 51 Commercial Bingo Cards

Printable super bowl bingo cardsThe moment you all have been waiting for is here… We have your free printable Super Bowl 51 commercial bingo cards for you! It has been our tradition to play bingo during the commercials of the super bowl every year, and since we couldn’t find very good bingo cards last year we decided to make our own. And since everyone loved that post so much  we knew we had to make some new printable bingo cards for this super bowl LI.Super bowl 51 commercial bingoAll you have to do is print out the bingo boards and the chips if you want to use our little footballs and helmets and put on the big game. We have made a total of 6 different boards so you can play with 5 other people. Or, if you are like Rose and I, you can each take 3 boards and man 3 different bingo cards.Free Super bowl LI bingo boards

Free Super bowl commercial bingo boardsLast year we played with bits of popcorn as our chips but as they accidentally got eaten every once and a while we’ve opted to add some free printable chips as well. But, feel free to use anything you want – scraps of paper, m&m’s, beads – anything!Free Super bowl commercial bingo boards

I’d recommend printing the super bowl bingo cards at about 55% if you want them to be on the smaller side – that is what is shown in the pictures here. Also, don’t forget to print the chips small too – I believe I printed them at about 45%.

Click here to download the pdf for your free printable super bowl commercial bingo cards

and click here to download the chips.

Printable Super Bowl 51 Commercial Bingo Boards | Popcorn and Chocolate