Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos | Popcorn and Chocolate

Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos

Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos | Popcorn and ChocolateIt was 5 ° out when I took pictures of these candy cane lawn flamingos. I had to wrap up in my scarf and hat and throw on my gloves between pictures. It was quite the sight, but I got it done and got to go inside to a hot cup of tea.

Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos | Popcorn and Chocolatedsc_0036

I always wonder what it would be like to celebrate Christmas in warmer weather. I love the winter and I love snow but I’m forever curious what Christmas in California feels like or Florida or anywhere that isn’t currently blanketed in snow at the moment.

Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos | Popcorn and Chocolate

Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos | Popcorn and Chocolate

This DIY was definitely inspired by a warmer climate, but these candy cane lawn flamingos look great stuck in a pile of snow as well. They are simple to make and add a bright, whimsical touch to your front lawn to welcome any guests you have coming this holiday.

Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos | Popcorn and Chocolate

I love candy canes and I love flamingos so why not combine the two?? I would just suggest not to eat these guys. The instructions on how to make these candy cane flamingos can be found below.

Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos | Popcorn and Chocolate

Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos | Popcorn and Chocolate

Materials for the Flamingos:

  • White and red spray paint
  • Plastic lawn flamingos
  • Blue painters tape


How to make candy cane lawn flamingos:

  1. Start by taping off the beak, eyes, and first half of the legs with blue painters tape.
  2. Spray paint the body of the lawn flamingo white. This took a couple of coats for me – I don’t know if this was due to the extreme cold or it was just the spray paint I used. Let dry completely up to 24 hours.                                           Spray painted lawn flamingo
  3.  Take your blue painters tape and tape off stripes on the body of the flamingo.Striped lawn flamingo
  4. Spray paint the flamingo red. Let dry completely.              Candy cane striped flamingo
  5. Take off painters tape and stick your flamingo in your lawn!


Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos | Popcorn and ChocolateWhat a fun and unique decoration to add to your front lawn for Christmas! Let us know in the comments below how you have decorated for Christmas this year!

Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos | Popcorn and Chocolate

And if we don’t stop by again before the holidays – we wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy Hanukkah!

Candy Cane Lawn Flamingos | Popcorn and Chocolate

DIY Christmas sign

DIY Christmas Sign

DIY Christmas signYou know that section of Target right when you walk in that has little gems for $1 or $3? Welp, that section is my downfall. I cannot resist picking up a fun holiday decoration and, well if it’s only $3, what harm does it do?? Fast forward a couple of years of always picking up that $3 item, and somehow you start to realize you might not want to put that item in your cart this time. This sign was based off of something we saw in said section. However, instead of paying for it, we decided to use our crafty little brains and DIY our own sign. DIY Christmas signTo make this fun little sign all you need is some foam poster board (cardboard works too), some letter stencils or vinyl letters (which is what we used), and paint! Cute reindeer to hang beside the sign are optional, although highly recommended. We got these cuties at T.J.Maxx… another store I can’t resist!DIY Christmas signFirst we outlined an arrow shape onto poster board and cut it out using an x-acto knife. Next we laid down our vinyl letter stickers to spell out santa, reindeer, and elves on each of the arrows. Now time to paint! We painted two coats over each of the arrows.

As a bonus step that isn’t necessary, we outline the letters once they were completely dry with a thin sharpie so they would stand out more. Finally, peel off the letter stencils to reveal your beautiful sign!DIY Christmas signTo hang the sign we taped string to the backs of the arrows, but you could also hang them individually or even put them on a festive pole! DIY Christmas signWhich way should I go? DIY Christmas sign

Tell us – do you have any holiday decorations up? Do you get sucked into the $1/$3 bin at Target or is it just us?

DIY Christmas North Pole Sign | Popcorn & Chocolate

Christmas Advent Calendar

IMG_4150We hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend full of lots of delicious Thanksgiving food. We sure did and now we get to have leftovers for the rest of the week! Pumpkin pie brownies for breakfast anyone?

IMG_4195Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can look forward to Christmas and begin shamelessly decorating our apartment full of snowflakes and moose. So far we have hung up some Christmas lights and put out fun decorative pillows, but as Christmas approaches we are sure to add more!

 IMG_4167 IMG_4260

Because tomorrow is the first day of December, we have a simple advent calendar that uses minimal supplies. All we bought for this project was a small 6×6 pack of scrapbook paper at T.J. Maxx for $3. This pack was from American Crafts and had some really cute pages that we just couldn’t resist. T.J. Maxx’s always has the best craft supplies for cheap. Along with the craft paper we just used some plain white paper to cut out the numbers.

IMG_4147What we did for this advent calendar was ripped out 25 pages from the scrapbook paper book and then laid them out on our floor in a Christmas tree shape. We decided we liked our tree to be taller rather than wide and so ended up with two rows of 5, two rows of 4, and then it went 3, 2, 1.

IMG_4108 IMG_4113

Once the tree was in a style we liked, we then traced numbers1-25 onto white paper and cut them out. Okay, we have to admit we first tried to free-hand the letters, which came out horrible, so we had to trace the numbers.

IMG_4212Now is the fun part – instead of creating a advent calendar that gives out a piece of candy or present each day, we decided to make ours interactive. We wrote down 25 different activities to do, so each day we flip up the day and reveal something we have to do that day.

IMG_4177IMG_4257Here are some examples: make hot chocolate, go ice skating, watch Elf. We thought this would be a fun activity to get us in the Christmas spirit and maybe even do some things we wouldn’t normally do, like go ice skating. Since we work during the day we broke up our weekends differently and had slightly more involved activities on those days. We stuck to the more simple tasks for the weekdays, such as making hot chocolate.

IMG_4247We wrote the activity on the back of piece of the paper, but you could put it hidden on the front as well. We mostly wanted to be able to use the paper again so we didn’t write on it.

IMG_4126We hope you enjoyed our advent calendar and let us know what activities you would put on your calendar! Happy December everyone!

IMG_4221 IMG_4163


DIY paper Christmas tree advent calendar | Popcorn & Chocolate