DIY Woven Wall Hanging | Popcorn & Chocolate

DIY Woven Wall Hanging

Learn how to make this DIY woven wall hangingDIY Woven Wall Hanging | Popcorn & Chocolate

As you may or may not know we have been selling some stuff on Etsy – mostly wall hangings and a few patches as of now. But we started the site out with woven wall hangings in mind. We are having so much fun making them and learning a lot of new stitches as we weave our way through a big pile of yarn. My room right now is overflowing with unraveled piles of yarn and the occasional tuft of wool that my dog likes to come in and drool all over.

Since we taught ourselves how to weave we thought we could teach you too! It is fairly simple and you actually don’t need too many supplies – just some sturdy cardboard, some yarn and maybe a needle. No need to go out and buy a huge expensive loom – just go to your recycling bin and find ourself a good piece of cardboard!

Click here for the full tutorial on how to make this woven wall hanging!

DIY Woven Wall Hanging | Popcorn & Chocolate

DIY Woven Wall Hanging | Popcorn & Chocolate

Sometimes starting a craft is hard because you feel like you need all these supplies and don’t necessarily want to go out and buy them just for one DIY. But chances are you already have some yarn lying around and if not it is fairly cheap at any craft store. So you have no excuses not to make this woven wall hanging! And, if you really insist, go buy one of ours 😉

DIY Woven Wall Hanging | Popcorn & Chocolate

You can find the full tutorial for this DIY woven wall hanging over on Homedit.

DIY Christmas sign

DIY Christmas Sign

DIY Christmas signYou know that section of Target right when you walk in that has little gems for $1 or $3? Welp, that section is my downfall. I cannot resist picking up a fun holiday decoration and, well if it’s only $3, what harm does it do?? Fast forward a couple of years of always picking up that $3 item, and somehow you start to realize you might not want to put that item in your cart this time. This sign was based off of something we saw in said section. However, instead of paying for it, we decided to use our crafty little brains and DIY our own sign. DIY Christmas signTo make this fun little sign all you need is some foam poster board (cardboard works too), some letter stencils or vinyl letters (which is what we used), and paint! Cute reindeer to hang beside the sign are optional, although highly recommended. We got these cuties at T.J.Maxx… another store I can’t resist!DIY Christmas signFirst we outlined an arrow shape onto poster board and cut it out using an x-acto knife. Next we laid down our vinyl letter stickers to spell out santa, reindeer, and elves on each of the arrows. Now time to paint! We painted two coats over each of the arrows.

As a bonus step that isn’t necessary, we outline the letters once they were completely dry with a thin sharpie so they would stand out more. Finally, peel off the letter stencils to reveal your beautiful sign!DIY Christmas signTo hang the sign we taped string to the backs of the arrows, but you could also hang them individually or even put them on a festive pole! DIY Christmas signWhich way should I go? DIY Christmas sign

Tell us – do you have any holiday decorations up? Do you get sucked into the $1/$3 bin at Target or is it just us?

DIY Christmas North Pole Sign | Popcorn & Chocolate