What We Ate 3/29/15 – 3/4/15

Hello! We are back with another what we ate this week. Last week things got a bit hectic for us and we sadly weren’t the greatest at documenting what we ate. But, we are back this week with some yummy recipes we tried and enjoyed. Enjoy!

Turkey burger and fries

Sunday: Broccoli Rabe Turkey Burgers from Skinnytaste. These were sooo good! I don’t know if it was because it was sunny out and the birds were chirping and it just felt like the perfect spring day to have some burgers and fries, but this meal was perfect. We paired the burgers with some homemade french fries that we will post later!

Monday: Leftover turkey burgers. Still good!

Fiesta bowl

Tuesday: Fiesta Bowl with Mexican Rice. Oh Trader Joe’s how I love you even more that now that I have this recipe (if that’s even possible). This bowl was filled with a delicious pile of beans, rice, corn, avocado, and some beef. Yum!!


Wednesday: Crispy Orange Cauliflower from Fork and Beans. We modified this recipe a bit because we didn’t want to fry it in oil. Instead we skipped the flour mixture and just made the sauce and baked that with the cauliflower in the oven. It turned out really well!

Thursday: Leftover fiesta bowls

Acai bowl

Friday: This was a bit of an odd day as I had a stomach ache so not much sounded good. I ended up with an acai bowl and Rose had some leftover turkey burger with a salad and fixings. Sometimes our meals become quite random..

pasta with broccoli

Saturday:Trader Joe’s Girasoli Ricotta & Lemon Zest. I don’t think I mentioned yet how much I’m loving T.Joe’s lately.. This pasta was delicious. We steamed some broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, and peas then tossed it all together with some lemon oil and salt and pepper. It really hit the spot!

What We Ate 2/15/15 – 2/21/15

Hello! Hope everyone’s week was good. We had a short week due to President’s day so we decided to drive up to NH for the weekend. It was great being able to catch up with my family and to get away from the storm that hit Boston. Even though we were away all weekend and were exhausted from driving all day on Monday, we quickly planned a few meals over dinner and then ran to the grocery store before the Bachelor. Is anyone else following this season of the Bachelor?? It’s been craaazy lately. Here are the meals that we came up with for the week:


Sunday: Chili. My mom kindly made us all some turkey and bean chili, which was perfect for the chilly night that we had. It was delicious and filling; we added some chopped avocado to ours and had a small side salad.

Monday: Leftover sweet potatoes. We had made this meal for my family on Saturday and decided to take the leftovers with us back to Boston. Good thing we did because we were both starved and exhausted at 6pm and were glad to be able to just reheat these up.


Tuesday: Salad and veggie burgers. We both ended up working late Tuesday and were too hungry to make any of the meals we had planned so instead we threw together some salads and each made a veggie burger. We also had some pretzels and hummus on the side.


Wednesday: The Almond Eater’s Hawaiian Barbecue Beef Tacos. These were absolutely delicious! We’ve never been the greatest at cooking beef so we’ve been experimenting with it lately and were pleased as to how the beef turned out.


Thursday: Pinch of Yum’s Light Orange Beef and Broccoli. This was also super delicious. We used the rest of the beef we had leftover from the previous night and tried this recipe out, it did not disappoint. Pinch of Yum always has the best recipes.


Friday: Tortellini with veggies. We both had to work late and ended up getting home later than expected, so we decided to just make something simple. We had recently bought this ricotta and spinach tortellini at Trader Joe’s and had some plain red sauce and veggies we mixed in. It was good; simple and easy.

Saturday: Wegman’s prepared food. We were out shopping late and seemed to have “accidentally” planned that we would end up at Wegman’s so we both made a plate of their prepared goodies.