6 items to make your house a home and a simple no-sew pillow diy | We're going to make it

6 New Home Essential and a Quick No-Sew Pillow DIY

Casper and I have created a list of 6 new home essentials that make your new house or apartment feel like a home. All of these items will help you feel right at home in your new place. Check out our list below and read on to find out why I chose each of these items!

6 essentials for your new home | We're going to make it

As you may or may not know, I plan on moving across the country sometime in the not too distant future. I do not know where I am moving and I don’t know when, but when I do I will be sure to pack all of these essentials with me! I’ve moved apartments a couple of times in the past few years and with each move I think I’m getting a little better at unpacking our stuff and settling in. Items like some art and plants and a good mattress definitely help expedite this process of making your home feel, well, homey. And let’s face it, moving is not fun, so anything to help this process along is a plus in my book. First on my list of new home essentials? A rug!

6 items to make your house a home and a simple no-sew pillow diy | We're going to make it

Rugs!: I hadn’t realized the magic of a rug until I bought my first one from West Elm on super sale. I fell in love right away, and still have it to this day. I cannot stress this enough, a rug really can pull a whole room together. Finding the perfect rug can be tricky (so many options!), but once you do it really makes your home feel complete.

6 items to make your house a home and a simple no-sew pillow diy | We're going to make it6 items to make your house a home and a simple no-sew pillow diy | We're going to make it

Artwork: This is where your personality can really show through your home. Art can be anything from a photograph of you and your dog to a painting you bought (or made!). In my home I like to display wall weavings that I made as well as photographs, like this amazing one my brother took. I’m also a sucker for an inspirational quote or two. Artwork adds some fun flair to your walls and is one of those things that you can easily save money on by DIYing it. You can print out photographs and frame them yourself or grab some paint and a paintbrush and make your own unique piece!

6 New Home Essentials and No Sew Pillow DIY | We're Going to Make it6 New Home Essentials and No Sew Pillow DIY | We're Going to Make it

New Mattress, Sheets, and Pillows: This is probably one of the most important things you will want in your new home – a new mattress and bedding. This adds instant coziness to your bedroom. Moving a mattress across states is a huge pain (believe me, I’ve done it multiple times). I’d much rather order one from Casper and have it show up at my doorstep in a neat little box. They really take all the struggle out of buying a new mattress, no more lugging a queen size mattress through tight stairwells wondering if it will ever make it your bedroom.

6 items to make your house a home and a simple no-sew pillow diy | We're going to make it6 items to make your house a home and a simple no-sew pillow diy | We're going to make it

Plants – lots of plants!: It’s no secret that I love my plants so of course they are on my list! I feel like plants just make your house feel alive. You can get tall ones, small ones, air plants, anything your heart desires! My heart desires all so my room is full of random succulents and cactus that I just can’t resist.

6 items to make your house a home and a simple no-sew pillow diy | We're going to make it6 items to make your house a home and a simple no-sew pillow diy | We're going to make it

Decorative Pillows: Instant coziness is a couch or bed full of fluffy pillows. I’m one of those people who likes to switch out my pillow with the seasons #noshame. I understand decorative pillows can get pretty expensive so I’ve got a super easy and super cheap DIY option for you, all you will need is a pair of cloth napkins or placemats, a hot glue gun, and some stuffing. Watch the video below to find out how to make these simple no-sew pillows! So easy and it only cost me $15!

6 items to make your house a home and a simple no-sew pillow diy | We're going to make it6 items to make your house a home and a simple no-sew pillow diy | We're going to make it

Craft Supplies: Last, but not least, we’ve got some craft supplies. If you haven’t noticed by my blog name and the fact that I just shared a DIY pillow, I’m a big craft lady. I like to keep busy with my hands and create things for my home so of course my home wouldn’t be complete without some supplies to do that. I like to have on hand some craft paper, a glue gun, yarn, pens/pencils, and some paint so I can craft away. Currently my craft supplies are stored in a big trunk but I’m hoping in my new home I’ll get a whole room dedicated to it! Now that would make my home a home!

6 items to make your house a home and a simple no-sew pillow diy | We're going to make it6 items to make your house a home and a simple no-sew pillow diy | We're going to make it

I hope you enjoyed our essentials that make your new house feel like a home. Comment below what your essentials are! Casper did not compensate for me for this post, I am truly intrigued by their company and hope to try it out in the future when I move!


DIY Faux embroidered vacation t-shirt | Popcorn and Chocolate

Faux Embroidered Vacation T-shirt

DIY Vacation T-shirt | popcorn and chocolateI plan on wearing this vacation t-shirt on our next vacation. And guess what, that will be in a few weeks! If you haven’t heard, Rose and I are going to Seattle on July 1st! We are so excited for this trip and pretty much had it planned since our last vacation to Portland. We’re going to don our vacation t-shirts and explore Seattle!DIY Faux embroidered vacation t-shirt | Popcorn and ChocolateIf you’ve been to Seattle before leave a comment below telling us what we should go see or where we should eat. We’ve got our list going but are welcome to any suggestions from you guys 🙂

DIY Faux embroidered vacation t-shirt | Popcorn and ChocolateThis faux embroidered vacation t-shirt is the perfect tee to throw on and wear on the plane. It’s loose and it’s comfy and it clearly states what you will be doing: going on vacation! Plus, it is a cinch to make.


  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Iron on letters – make sure they are the ones that have the outer rim
  • Iron
  • Ironing board or towel

How to make a vacation t-shirt:

  1. Lay your t-shirt out onto an ironing board or on top of a towel.
  2. Peel off the outer part of the letters to spell out vacation.
  3. Position the letters onto the t-shirt.
  4. Turn your iron on and iron press the iron firmly onto the letters. Hold for 10-15 seconds or per instructions on your iron on letter packaging.
  5. Put on shirt and go on a vacation!

DIY Faux embroidered vacation t-shirt | Popcorn and Chocolate

Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world right now? I’ve always wanted to go to Greece so maybe I’ll make that my goal for my next vacation. This shirt can travel with you anywhere you go!

If you want more clothing do it yourself projects then head over to our Pinterest page where I am always share fun diy and craft projects.DIY Faux embroidered vacation t-shirt | Popcorn and Chocolate




Handmade wall weaving decor

Big Announcement

Helllooo! I am super excited to share with you our big announcement. But first, a little preamble. You might have noticed that we haven’t been sharing much around here.. Or maybe you haven’t and that’s okay because I know there are only so many popcorn recipes one person can handle. Anyways, lately we have had our hands full working on another exciting project completely unrelated to popcorn or chocolate. And this project is…. drum roll please… an Etsy page!! We have created an Etsy page where we are selling handmade wall weavings! We have weaved our butts off since Christmas in preparation for our store. Our first weaves weren’t the greatest (but we still love them nonetheless) but we have certainly gotten much better and have even started making unique themed weaves (think pineapples). We are so excited to finally have our shop up and running that we wanted to share the news with all you lovely people. Head on over to our Etsy page to see our first few weaves! You can also follow our new shop on Instagram and Facebook if you want to see some behind the scenes action.

Follow Us Around: San Francisco, California

Woo the last of our travel adventures! San Francisco was a blast and dare I say it was actually warm there (at least on our last few days)! There was so much yummy food to be eaten, so many succulents growing everywhere, and so so so much walking. We were troopers and ended up walking around 10 miles a day. By the end of the week I think my calves doubled in size. Warning: This post is lahhhong. Like sit down and bring you cup of tea and snack and stay for a while long. Better make yourself comfortable.

The first night we were there we had dinner at Gracias Madre and it was ahhhhmazing. Vegan Mexican food. gah I’m going to dream about that place..

Day 1 started off with us going to the botanical gardens in Golden Gate Park. It was the absolute perfect place to be as it was raining and cold outside and we were getting way sick of the weather. The botanical gardens were toasty warm because it is basically a giant terrarium. San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateSan Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate




Freaking koi… anyone else scared of these guys? Just me…?

Once we hyped ourselves up to go back into the rain we took an Uber over to Judahlicious for some lunch. We shared an acai ice cream bowl and some yummy and warm soup.


Acai perfection

After lunch we headed back to explore Golden Gate Park more (it’s huge!). Warning: so many succulent pictures to come.

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_5128IMG_5135IMG_5131

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

Succulent monster

We also wondered through the Japanese Gardens in hopes that we’d end up in the tea shop but quickly discovered it was outside and packed full of people. So we each stood in front of this thing and then left to find a tea shop we could sit and warm up in. San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_5141Rose took us on a bit of a wild goose chase trying to find a tea shop, but it was well worth it  because look at that delicious matcha latte and pumpkin spice cake we got. San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateAfter our tea stop we made our way to the Full House house. There she be with a nice pretty car out front.IMG_0177San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateThe day ended with us walking, yes walking, to Little Gem for some dinner. We both got this delicious bowl of veggies in a curry sauce over rice.IMG_5153

Day 2 started with us walking down to the waterfront and along the Embarcadero. We saw Alcatraz right away.

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate


Clearly not impressed

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

I made her stand in front of the crab because #selfishallergies

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

Boats. So many boats. And birds. Fucking hate birds.

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateSan Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

We ate lunch in the marketplace in the Ferry building and then headed out to do some more splorin’ (on foot, of course). We found this random garden walkway thingy that we weren’t sure we were allowed to walk through but we did anyways because it had really cool plants and the view wasn’t bad either.San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_0242IMG_0247IMG_0252


Me being like let’s go before someone comes and yells at us for being in their garden backyard thingy


more walking.. so hilly.

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

Oh more succulents growing in random places


After all dem hills we finally made our way to Coit Tower where Rose gripped onto me for dear life as I poked my head out the window to get this pictures.

San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

Who knew San Fran had some many buildings? Clearly not me.


After Coit Tower we wandered over to Lombard street. San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_0333IMG_0347We then just happened to find ourselves at Ghirardelli Square and just somehow happened to buy a bunch of chocolate… After that we made our way to dinner for the night, which was at Asian Box.

The next day we ventured over to see the Golden Gate bridge.San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateSan Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_0426


IMG_0447We then got lunch at Nourish Cafe, which had a tasty selection of avocado toasts and smoothies. After lunch we wandered over to see the Painted Ladies. We lounged around on the green for a while and then holed up in another tea shop for the afternoon as our pale white skin New England skin couldn’t handle all the sun. IMG_0508San Francisco Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_0507IMG_0518We ended up having dinner again at Gracias Madre because it was that good and who knows when we will be back next. The final day we were in San Francisco was a mild day where we just walked around a bit more (cause we didn’t do that enough already) and shopped a little. We had to buy ourselves some hats because seriously that sun was-a-burning. Of course it almost took us the whole day to buy the hats because we couldn’t find cute enough ones but it was worth it because look how cute!IMG_0354

Then we flew home! If you missed our previous travel posts go check them out – we also went to Portland and Eugene. Hope you enjoyed seeing what we did whilst traveling. Popcorn popping and craft making will resume shortly.

Follow Us Around: Eugene, Oregon

Hello Hello! I hope you all enjoyed reading about what we did in Portland because now you have what we did in Eugene, Oregon. My brother lives in Eugene and both Rose and I had never been there, so we definitely wanted to add that to our trip. I am happy that I got to see where my brother lives and explore Eugene a bit. We don’t have too many pictures from Eugene as we were only there for a couple of days but I hope you enjoy the ones we did manage to capture!

We arrived around lunch and Tyler (my brother) took us to Cafe Yumm for lunch. It was really delicious and we discovered a fruit we didn’t know existed: the marionberry. Apparently it is a type of blackberry that is ever so popular in Eugene. Once at Tyler’s we were greeted by these two crazy dogs that soon became our bffs. Boomer, the one in the chair, loved to jump up in the chair you are sitting in and snuggle up with you while Ritzy ran around the room chasing and light that she saw. For dinner we all made some super delicious pizzas topped with everything you could imagine…Eugene Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_5096

The next day it was raining (surprise, surprise) but Tyler drove us down to the coast nonetheless. It was an amazing view even and the rain seemed to hold off enough for us to enjoy it for a little while and eat some sandwiches.

Eugene Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_0057IMG_0055IMG_0057

Eugene Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

Mind the wind blown hair!


Eugene Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

Boom want’s in on the action too

We then went to Cape Perpetua, which was really cool too see and mesmerizing to stare at. Eugene Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_5082IMG_5087IMG_5083IMG_0206

That night we went to a cider house called WildCraft Cider Works with my brother and his friends. The food was delicious and the cider was amazing. Rose and I both got hooked on real cider when we studied abroad in London but haven’t been able to find anything comparable here in Boston. There are a lot of cideries out west and we definitely enjoyed being able to quench that cider thirst.

After that we had to wake up early and catch our flight to our final destination: San Francisco! Check back to see what we did there!

Follow Us Around: Portland, Oregon

Hello! Sorry for not posting last week. We were away traveling, and once we came back, we both got hit with a bad cold, which rendered us to the couch to binge watch Making A Murderer. We couldn’t watch anything too funny least you wanted us to both end up on the floor in a coughing fit. It was quite the sight. But thankfully, except for the occasional coughing fit and voice crack, we are better now and excited to share with you our vacation pictures! We are thinking about moving out west and decided we should probably go and visit before we commit to anything. We went to Portland and Eugene, Oregon and then to San Francisco. It was a blast! So different from being in Boston, that’s for sure. Here is a little travel summary of what we did in Portland. Hope you enjoy!

First up: Washington Park and the Rose GardensPortland Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_9959IMG_9962IMG_9978

A quick stop to Voodoo Doughnut and then on to Powell’s Books. After getting lost a couple of times in Powell’s we walked along the waterfront where we were finally greeted by the sun. IMG_4979Portland Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_4982IMG_4985

Day 2, or the day where we saw how many layers we could wear before turning into the Michelin Tire man, started out by walking around Mt. Tabor.

Portland Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_0007


Rose in our little rental car!


Lunch at Blossoming Lotus where we shared the most delicious vegan nachos

Portland Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

After lunch we wandered around Mississippi until we ended up in a cute tea shop where we proceeded to stay and wait out the rain for the rest of the day working on a puzzle book together. For dinner we met up with Rose’s aunt and cousins at The Sudra. That place had amazing food and I would highly recommend it to anyone planning on going to Portland! Day 3 started out with us heading back to Washington Park and going to the Japanese Gardens.


My view most of the trip


Umbrella selfies

Portland Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_5035

After the Japanese gardens we headed to the Chinese gardens, which weren’t as exciting but still fun to walk through. Afterwards we ended up in another tea shop and had the most amazing matcha latte.

Portland Travels | Popcorn & ChocolateIMG_5063

We ended our Portland trip on a sweet note with ice cream from Salt & Straw, also a highly recommended place to go to if you are visiting!

Portland Travels | Popcorn & Chocolate

That was our trip to Portland! Hope you enjoyed seeing what we got up to. Check back to see the rest of trip to Eugene and then San Fran!

Behind The Scenes Photo Dump From 2015

Umm it’s 2016. Like, what? Did 2015 even happen? Where was I? Does anyone else feel like 2015 flew by? Before we dive right on into 2016 I want to take a moment to reflect on 2015. Although it happened in a blink of an eye, we had a lot of fun over here at Popcorn & Chocolate. Some of these moments we shared with you and some we didn’t, so I thought I would do a little round up post of some behind the scene shots from 2015. Please excuse the low quality pictures – this is just for fun!


The year started in typical P&C fashion with a couple selfies. May or may not have involved some alcohol 😉

IMG_9379As our news year’s resolution we decided to cut out processed sugar, which basically just meant we made a lot of cookies with coconut sugar instead of regular sugar. We also ate a lot of that ice cream..

We had a lot of snow days during 2015, which meant a lot of shoveling and a lot of cookie baking.

IMG_9692January ended with my birthday and a lovely crown Rose made me!


IMG_9882We watched the Super Bowl and played Bingo during the commercials. Keep your eyes open this year for a fun Super Bowl post!

This is what typically happens after a food photoshoot (okay and sometimes during..). Those peanut butter and jelly pancakes were just too good.


This is what most of our photo shoots look like – someone standing on a table or a chair and always in pajamas. We made this bailey’s cake for St. Patricks day and were enjoying it all month long.


IMG_5900For Easter we made these bunting flags, which I so beautifully modeled, what am I doing with my fingers??

Then it was Rose’s birthday where I got to decorate my bar cart full of presents and goodies. We also went hiking and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cause those pancakes weren’t enough.

IMG_0780We ended the month with my favorite day of the year – free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s.

MayIMG_1181Lots of walks and hiking in May.

IMG_1280We did possibly my favorite photo shoot to date with this delicious cilantro lime popcorn.

IMG_1333Lilacs were in full bloom and we went to the local arboretum to see them!

IMG_1665We went to wine night at the zoo where we saw kangaroos!


IMG_1698We moved. It was stressful. This meal made up for all of it.

IMG_1848We went strawberry picking and had to stick our heads in this corn.


IMG_6898This is what happens when you try to take pictures of popsicles.

IMG_1968The famous crotch shot from our watermelon mojitos… nice socks.

Lots and lots of trips to Cape Cod, which were filled with lots of fish tacos and lots of puzzles and lots of not pictured s’mores.


IMG_2765True life I’m a crafter and a chocolate addict.. this is a typical scene found in our apartment. As are these…

We were busy painting away in August.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetWe visited this goon.

IMG_3271We also finally got a tripod! No more standing on tables.. still pajamas though, always pajamas. And socks.


We went to plant night and added to our ever growing succulent collection.

IMG_8145On our trip back home  we scared the bejesus out of my dog in our Halloween costumes.

We had a Halloween party the night before Halloween (and didn’t take down the decorations for a couple of weeks); on actual Halloween we ate popcorn and lots of chocolate.


IMG_4114The not so appetizing attempts at what I ate Wednesday.

Someone always gets the fun job of holding up the background. Awkward fingers out again for this apple cider popcorn picture.

IMG_4305It’s hard to find space to make lunch whilst working on 3 different projects…


Some presents underneath our tiny fake Christmas tree and one batch of many many many Christmas cookies we baked.

IMG_4588“Why won’t anyone help me up?” Back home for the Christmas holidays.

IMG_4655.jpgDecember wouldn’t be complete without some gingerbread houses. These are my mom’s, mine, and Rose’s masterpieces.

There you have it folks! Some highlights and outtakes from our 2015. Hope you enjoyed it! Let us know in the comments below some of your favorite times from 2015! Happy New Year!


Winter Fun List

Hello December! I can’t believe it is already December, but then again I can’t believe it is any month at any given time so I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised anymore. I was long waiting for December to approach as winter is my favorite season. We might have already put up some holiday decor, which has heightened my much anticipated arrival of winter. Since we over in the Popcorn and Chocolate household are all about the holidays and enjoying each season to the fullest, we thought we would share a little fun winter checklist. It’s got all the things we love to do to get us in the holiday spirit. We also thought we would share it a wee bit before winter for any of you who are already bursting to watch Christmas movies and bake gingerbread just like us.Winter List.001Let us know what your favorite thing to do in the winter is in the comments below! We would love to know!

What I Ate Wednesday Hiking in NH

Cardigan Mountain | Popcorn & Chocolate

We spent the long weekend back at my house in New Hampshire. It was luxurious and relaxing and full of everything fall. All the trees there are bright orange and red and yellow. Fall was in full swing so we decided to take advantage of all the pretty trees and go hiking one day.

Cardigan Mountain | Popcorn & Chocolate

Cardigan Mountain | Popcorn & Chocolate


We hiked up Cardigan Mountain in Orange, NH. The hike was positively gorgeous. The views on top of the mountain were incredible. You could see all these other mountain ranges and all the trees were spotted with different colors.

Cardigan Mountain | Popcorn & Chocolate

Cardigan Mountain | Popcorn & ChocolateI mean look at that! You don’t get those kind of views in Boston!

Made it to the top!

Made it to the top!

But, before we went hiking I made sure to fuel up on a hardy breakfast.

Oatmeal | Popcorn & Chocolate674

For breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries, bananas, cinnamon, and some Justin’s almond butter. I like to bring the jar of almond butter to the table with me because you never know if you’ll need more 😉

Also does anyone else still read the comics??

Lunch | Popcorn & Chocolate

For lunch: Sandwich with turkey, cheese, spinach, tomato, and cucumber. I also had an apple on the side. We ate our lunch once we reached the top of the mountain. We were quite hungry at that point so I’m glad we packed something!

Snack | Popcorn & ChocolateSnack: Crackers with sunflower butter. Back home from our hike I decided I needed a little snack to hold me over until dinner so I munched on these. This sunflower butter is too good! I couldn’t stop eating it!

Dinner | Popcorn & ChocolateDinner: Chicken with mashed potatoes and maple brussels sprouts with a cauliflower and pecan side salad that was not pictured. I almost didn’t include this because this dinner was just a bit of an all around fail. We went out to dinner and ended up getting this dish that looks and sounds amazing but our chicken wasn’t cooked! We had to send it back twice and it still looked raw to us. The mashed potatoes and brussels were good at least!

Wine and popcornAfter dinner eats: popcorn and wine! This is an old picture because I forgot to take one before I munched it all down, but it is pretty much the same as what I had. Gotta end the night with something right!

Cardigan Mountain | Popcorn & ChocolateAnd just because here is a picture of us on the top of Mt. Cardigan! We look a little scary because it was crazy windy at the top so we had to bundle up!

If you liked this post go check out Sprint 2 The Table for some more WIAW! Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting!

Follow Us Around: Apple Picking

Apple picking

It’s is officially fall!! Phew, now I don’t look so silly with all my fall and Halloween decorations up, or adding pumpkin spice to my oatmeal every morning, or burning fall candles…

Apple picking at Drew Farms

Am I the only one who starts fall a few weeks early?? Once September hits, the summer is pretty much over and hello leaves/acorns/pumpkins galore. We even got our first apple cider doughnut before the first real day of fall and I was not the least bit mad.

Apple picking

Apple picking

Over the weekend Rose and I had a Skidmore in Boston get together with fellow graduates that live in the area. The event was to go apple picking at Drew Farm, so naturally we signed up right away and showed up early and eager to go a picking.

Apple picking


The apples were definitely ripe and ready to be picked, at least the mcintosh apples, which, let’s be honest, are the best. We had no trouble filling our bag to the brim. We also might have sampled an apple or two whilst picking.

Apple picking

Apple picking

Once we decided we couldn’t fit any more apples in our bag, we headed back to where the Skidmore group was located and got to enjoy some apple cider doughnuts and apple cider. It was just glorious. I haven’t had an apple cider doughnut or apple cider in a really long time… too long. I forgot what I was missing! Needless to say that probably won’t be my only doughnut of the season.

Apple cider doughnut

Apple cider doughnut

Now we have a huge bowl full of yummy apples that are begging to be made into a pie or tart or something sweet. And now that it is officially fall I can bake one without any shame or celebrating the changing season too early!



Look at all those gourds! We were so tempted to by some little pumpkins at the farm but decided we best wait so they don’t just sit and rot in our hot apartment.. soon though, soon my little pumpkins.

Apple picking

Happy fall everyone!