Do it yourself Easter bunny erasers | Popcorn and Chocolate

Simple Bunny Erasers for Easter

DIY Easter Bunny Erasers | Popcorn and ChocolateKeep reading to find the full tutorial for these cute and simple bunny erasers for Easter (or anytime really)!

DIY Bunny Eraser for Easter (or anytime)! | Popcorn and Chocolate

When I was a wee little one, I remember (via home videos) running around behind my brothers as they scooped up all the Easter eggs as I looked confused and delighted all at once. Eventually my brothers would start pointing eggs out to me and putting them in my basket, at which point I would stop searching for new eggs and work on opening the eggs in my basket.

Do it yourself Easter bunny erasers | Popcorn and Chocolate

It was always so exciting to find what was hidden in each Easter egg. Usually it was candy but what kind and how much you never knew. On the rare occurrence there was a toy inside. That was almost more precious then the ubiquitous candy.

DIY Bunny Erasers | Popcorn and Chocolate

Today we’re sharing a very simple (like too simple to have written a whole post on it) DIY that is perfect to hide in your kids Easter eggs. Or, you could make these bunny erasers and give them away to your friends as a little Easter gift. Or or, if you just need an eraser why not make it a cute bunny shape? I’m all for objects that are shaped like cute animals.

DIY Bunny Erasers perfect for Easter | Popcorn and Chocolate

Andddd if you are looking for a super cute Easter basket to store these bunny erasers in be sure to check out our pom-pom Easter basket we made last year. It’s another super simple Easter DIY.


  • Eraser clay
  • Bunny mold (alternatively you can form the bunny yourself) I bought my mold at Michaels but have linked a similar one from Amazon.
  • Oven


  1. Start by kneading the eraser clay in your hands for a few minutes just to warm it up so it is easier to work with.
  2. Taking your bunny mold, plop the eraser clay into one of slots and press it down and around so it fits the whole slot.
  3. Take the eraser clay out of the mold by gently prying up each side.
  4. Optional: Taking the eraser side of a pencil, gently press it into the bottom of the bunny to create a hole so that the eraser can be placed on a pencil.
  5. Pop the eraser clay on a piece of parchment paper on a oven tray and bake in the oven for the given time it says on your eraser clay package. Since my bunny was pretty thick this took quite some time – just be patient and know that the thicker your eraser the longer it will take.
  6. Let cool and pop on your favorite pencil or stick in an Easter basket as a cute little gift!

DIY Bunny Erasers | Popcorn and Chocolate

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DIY Easter Bunny Eraser | Popcorn and Chocolate

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