Halloween bat choker | Popcorn & Chocolate

Simple Halloween Bat Choker

dsc_0060Learn how to make this super simple Halloween bat choker to wear all throughout October!

Halloween bat choker | Popcorn & Chocolate

Eek it’s Halloween month! Rose and I both love Halloween.. Or at least I do and I force my love for it on Rose every year. This year might be one of our first Halloween’s apart.. to be determined though as I’ve already planned our costumes for this year, might be hard to beat last years costumes though. Again, here I go forcing Rose to enjoy Halloween and hang out with me #frienshipgoals

Halloween bat choker | Popcorn & Chocolate

All kidding aside this year we do have lots of Halloween goodies we are trying to get done. I’ve been covered in orange paint and little bat confetti all week working on different projects. I’ve also been wearing this bat choker all week to stay in the holiday cheer (not because I tied it on and can’t untie it…)

Halloween bat choker | Popcorn & Chocolate

Halloween bat choker | Popcorn & Chocolate

To make this lovely Halloween bat choker all you need is some felt and ribbon. Simple as simple can be (my favorite kind of craft)! Keep scrolling through to find the instructions on how to make this easy choker.

Halloween bat choker | Popcorn & ChocolateMaterials:

  • Felt
  • Ribbon
  • Stencil


  1. Find an image of a bat online and print and cut it out to use as a stencil. You can also draw a bat if you are good at that.. which I am not so I went with good ol’ Google.
  2. Tape the stencil to your felt and then cut the felt around the stencil. Halloween bat choker | Popcorn & Chocolate
  3. Cut two small slits in both the wings of the bat, but don’t cut all the way to the edge!
  4. Thread the ribbon through the two holes you made. Halloween bat choker | Popcorn & Chocolate
  5. Optional: if the string is showing over the top of the bats head you can put a small black stitch in the middle of the bat (where my finger is pointing below) to hold the string down. Halloween bat choker | Popcorn & Chocolate

Now tie the choker around your neck and you’ve got instant Halloween pride! Another option for tying it is to make sliding knots. This video explains how to do it. I think he does a clear job, though it takes him a little while to get started (about 2:00 he gets going). This would look cute layered with other chokers or you could just wear it plain like I did. You could even make the bat a different color to jazz things up.

Halloween bat choker | Popcorn & Chocolate

Let us know in the comments below what you are looking forward to this Halloween!


Halloween Bat Choker | Popcorn & Chocolate

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