Winter Fun List

Hello December! I can’t believe it is already December, but then again I can’t believe it is any month at any given time so I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised anymore. I was long waiting for December to approach as winter is my favorite season. We might have already put up some holiday decor, which has heightened my much anticipated arrival of winter. Since we over in the Popcorn and Chocolate household are all about the holidays and enjoying each season to the fullest, we thought we would share a little fun winter checklist. It’s got all the things we love to do to get us in the holiday spirit. We also thought we would share it a wee bit before winter for any of you who are already bursting to watch Christmas movies and bake gingerbread just like us.Winter List.001Let us know what your favorite thing to do in the winter is in the comments below! We would love to know!

11 thoughts on “Winter Fun List

  1. Stephanie Leduc says:

    It’s so funny because just yesterday I was saying how I need to read the Harry Potter books again, I have seen the movies so many times, perhaps I should read one of the books over christmas break! I also love that you added elf in there, I love that movie, definitely a christmas classic. I am actually hosting an ugly christmas sweater party, so I guess I can cross that off my christmas break list! πŸ™‚

  2. DancingforDonuts says:

    This is too cute!! I made a winter bucket list too, but it doesn’t really feel like winter here in LA. One thing I would really love to do is go watch a sunset on the beach with hot cocoa and blankets! Maybe make s’mores if bonfires are allowed too πŸ™‚

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