DIY Emoji Magnets

DIY Emoji Magnets

Who doesn’t love a good Emoji!? Sometimes there is no better way to express yourself then to send out an Emoji. Be there soon – little car emoji. Getting out of work early – dancing girl. It’s Friday night – 5 wine glass emoji’s. You get the picture – or should I say emoji??

Emoji magnets

Because you asked… my favorite emoji’s in no particular order are the red dress dancing girl, the two bunny ear girls tap dancing (I don’t dance I swear), the party popper, the chocolate (duh; yum!), the pineapple, and the one face that has red cheeks and big round scared eyes. Since I was so open about sharing, let us know what your favorites are in the comments below! There are just so many to choose from!

DIY Emoji Magnets

Want to know something sort of kind of really sad but not really because ya know, emojis are totes worth it. The thing I was most excited about before I got an iPhone was that I would finallyyy be able to text all my friends (Rose) emoji’s! Now half of our conversations end up just sending emoji’s back and forth. It usually ends with one of us saying why isn’t there a ____ emoji? (taco, flamingo, come on!).

DIY Emoji Magnets

We had the brilliant idea, in the spirit of back to schoolness, to create these little itty bitty emoji magnets! They would be so perf to leave on your locker or stick on your friends locker to leave a quick message for them.

DIY Emoji Magnets

Supplies: All you need to create these beauties is a print out of all the different emoji’s, a magnet strip (we got our roll for about a dollar at the craft store), and some scissors. We Googled emoji’s and once we found a good clear image, we slightly enlarged the image and then printed it out on plain white paper.

DIY Emoji Magnets

Instructions:ย First, we cut out each of the emoji’s from the printed off sheet. Next we cut off tiny strips of the magnet and peeled off the paper to reveal the sticky side and then stuck that to the emoji cut out. It couldn’t be any simpler!

DIY Emoji Magnets

Don’t forget to comment below some of your favorite or most used emoji’s!

DIY Emoji Magnets

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6 thoughts on “DIY Emoji Magnets

    • hmdrah says:

      I totally agree! They need to start making more. My votes are for a lobster, a taco, more animals, and clinking glasses that aren’t just beer! Maybe we will make emoji magnets of the ones we want to exist!


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