At Home Mini S’more Bites

Banana mini s'mores

Happy National S’mores day!!! Now this is a holiday worth celebrating! There is just something so perfect about a burnt marshmallow stuck between two graham crackers and some melted chocolate. However when you don’t have a fire handy to melt said marshmallows, things can get a bit tricky.
S'moresHave no fear though! We are here to share an at home s’mores version that only takes about 5 minutes and a microwave. We are going to keep it simple and sweet (just like the s’mores) and show you our mini at home s’mores.


For the base of the s’more we used sliced banana. Next we took some melted chocolate and spread it onto the banana round. We added a marshmallow cut in half on top of that and then drizzled it all with chocolate and some graham cracker crumbs. Pop in the freezer for a couple of minutes for the chocolate to harden. And viola at home s’mores that don’t require making a fire or too much of a mess (until you eat them!)

Mini s'mores

We got a little creative and added other things into the s’mores, such as peanut butter, coconut, and toffee bits. It’s all up to what you are craving! I hope you have a great National s’mores day and get to eat some s’mores in some form or another!


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