Follow us around – Mount Auburn Cemetery

View from Washington Tower at Mount Auburn Cemetery

A few weekends ago we decided to take a walk up to the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA. We had wanted to do this for a while and since it was such a nice day out we decided to just get up and go. We live about a mile away so we just walked over there. The Mount Auburn Cemetery was the first rural cemetery in the U.S., and it is not only a cemetery but also an arboretum and has all these cool trees and wildlife.

Boston skyline

Washington Tower Mount Auburn Cemetery

We didn’t take too many pictures in there but I will share the few that we did. We climbed up the Washington Tower to see these beautiful views of Boston. The tower is apparently 62-feet high and allowed you to see a panoramic view of Mass. Rose was a little nervous so she stayed towards the center of the tower while I ventured out to take some pictures. Don’t mind the grubby workout clothes – it was really hot out!

Haley Mount Auburn Cemetery

Rose Washington TowerAfter going up the Washington Tower we walked through the cemetery a bit. Funny story – we were stopped by the patrol and almost asked to leave because you have to be at least 14 years old to be in there without an adult. Side note – we are both 23 years old.

Tree in Mount Auburn Cemetery

Tree in Mount Auburn Cemetery

We found this one massive droopy tree that was just so funny and blob-like we had to stop and take some pictures of it. It was huge! (and hard to fit the whole thing in one picture…) We also saw a lot of wild turkeys.. like a lot a lot!

We highly recommend checking out the Mount Auburn Cemetery if you live in or near Boston. It was nice to walk around and be in nature, plus the views from the Washington Tower were amazing. We hope you enjoyed our little mini adventure to the cemetery. Please don’t mind our iPhone pictures – we are still learning!

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