Happy (Belated) Birthday Rose!

Rose turned 23 on April 12th! Here are some of the activities we enjoyed and things that I made for her wonderful birthday. I know this is a bit different from some of our other posts, but we thought it would be nice for you to get to know us a bit better, plus we like to document these things and thought it would be fun to incorporate into our blog.

IMG_5965We started the morning off with some crockpot oatmeal that I had sneakily going all night. After we enjoyed the oats we got dressed and went out hiking in the Blue Hills (post to come shortly). It was nice and refreshing and we both had a grand time.


Who wouldn’t love a bar cart full of presents?! I cut out these tassels from tissue paper and draped them around the cart to make it more festive. It was a super easy and simple decoration to make yourself. We are all about making our own things here in the Popcorn and Chocolate household, and birthdays are no exception. Homemade is always nicer than store bought because it has that extra loving feel to it.


Here are some other homemade popcorn bits that I made and scattered across the table. They kind of look like goldfish here.. While I hid behind a pillow and cut these out on the couch, I made Rose scrunch up white tissue paper into little balls, which I then placed in the popcorn container.

At night Rose put on her party pj’s and opened up her presents. I loved this wrapping paper that I found at the Container Store, it perfectly matched her pjs! IMG_6017IMG_6018IMG_6019

IMG_6020Rose’s reaction to opening up a box full of her favorite popcorn (Pipcorn). I got her the same thing last year and so I knew it would be a hit again. I love that she was so surprised and excited that I got it for her again. A big hit! IMG_6026After presents we stood up to bake Rose’s cake. She wanted a skillet brownie so we followed this recipe, but used oat flour instead of tapioca flour because it’s what we had. It came out delicious, even though we couldn’t get all the candles to stick! Of course we added lots of ice cream and some wine to celebrate. IMG_6032Happy Birthday Rose!

Hope you enjoyed this quick birthday post, we are still trying to find our groove and what exactly we want to post, so please keep with us and let us know what you enjoy to read the most!

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