Happy Birthday Haley!


Today is a very special day in the Popcorn & Chocolate household. Today is Haley’s 23rd birthday! We love birthdays, so today is going to be full of smiles and surprises! I set up decorations around the house and have spent days crafting and creating to make this birthday special. We’ll share more pictures and how to make some of our decorations, so stay tuned. Spoiler: I made a crown, a bow garland, and tons of stamped wrapping paper and gift tags.


Thursday is a great, relaxing day for a birthday. We are planning to make a fun and delicious dinner (after work) and then, of course, make chocolate cake and eat it with ice cream! Then we can have a second birthday night of fun on Friday (since we both have to work and can’t stay up all night eating ice cream tonight, though we might try!)


The ice cream is our exception to eating no refined sugars for this month.. it’s a birthday, we have to! We will also share the cake we make and post pictures of the fun tonight. Our morning started off with a bit of traffic on the snowy roads, but the sun is out and there’s ice cream in the freezer. Happy birthday Haley!



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