Happy Halloween!

IMG_8762Happy Halloween! Okay, we know that it is a few day passed, but we were too busy with dealing with bats on the ceiling and skeletons in the graveyard to post this on Halloween. A little late is better than never, right?IMG_8104There’s something magical about Halloween night. Whether you spent minutes or days decorating and planning for this holiday, it all looks amazing. The Jack-O’-Lanterns hidden away until this one night get to shine on front door steps, leading the way to a bowl full of goodies. Porches are adorned with spider webs and skeletons, some spooky and some more friendly. Everyone gets to dress up in a costume and pretend for one night that they really are the headless horsemen or the school cheerleader. It’s not about scare (not entirely), it’s about the thrill of it all. And this is why we love Halloween! IMG_3994It’s exciting to see what your costume looks like after days of thinking and planning and collecting supplies. It’s exciting to see all the Jack-O’-Lanterns you carved out on your front porch, glowing with candles and mischievous grins. It is exciting to share all your crafts and treats (and tricks?) that you planned with your neighbors, family, friends, & coworkers and to see what they have up their sleeves as well.IMG_8768As we get older, Halloween gets more and more fun for me. I don’t think I will ever grow out of this holiday. All the fun decorations to make and buy, all the delicious treats to bake and eat! Such fun!IMG_8097This year Rose and I spent the whole month of October planning for a Halloween party. We would have started in September, but we resisted. We showed you most of the simple crafts that we made along the way. But this post is about how all the little things came together into the finished product. Here is our spooky–but not that spooky because we can’t do that– Halloween! Come inside our Witches Den to see one last Halloween ha-rah.IMG_3939IMG_3968 IMG_4001IMG_4022 IMG_4024IMG_8763


Happy belated Halloween Popcorn & Chocolate readers!IMG_4094

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