Halloween Washi Magnets & Hair Barrettes


We are continuing along with our Halloween series. This craft is super easy and so cute that you’ll want to leave the magnets up all year round!

IMG_3309 IMG_3244

The supplies you need are Washi, a magnet strip, and some paper. For our magnets we chose these two cute Halloween Washi tapes that we picked up at Target. All the Halloween decor always kills me at Target; it was a huge restraint not to buy half the store. This is the Washi we chose, but you don’t have to stick to Halloween Washi — also you could use fun paper instead.


Take the Washi and tape a strip to a piece of paper. The Washi is a thin so the color paper will show through a little bit, keep that in mind when you chose what paper you want to use. I liked the look of a plain off-white beneath to brighten up the Washi.

IMG_3292 IMG_3313

Next, cut-out the strip of Washi on the paper. Also, cut off a small piece of the magnet and peel off the protective paper so the sticky side is exposed. Stick the Washi paper to the magnet and voila you are done!

IMG_3316 IMG_3318


For the hair clip, do the same thing except instead of sticking the it to a magnet, hot glue it to a barrette!

photo 4 photo 1 photo 2

See, wasn’t that easy? Now you have some cute fridge magnets for Halloween, and a good excuse to go buy that Halloween Washi you have been coveting – we sure did!



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