Quick and Simple Chicken and Peach Pizza

Happy weekend all!

Tonight we were running (literally – we went for a late night run before dinner) late on dinner and needed something quick and easy to make. We already had a frozen pizza crust from Trader Joe’s in our freezer and since it was Friday night, naturally we thought of pizza. This pizza is very adaptable to what you are craving and how much time you want to spend on cooking. Since it was late and we were both hungry after our run, we hopped to the grocery store and grabbed a peach, pre-cooked chicken, and some mozzarella cheese. Once home we turned on the oven to preheat and then started to assemble the pizza. Since the chicken was already cooked, this took no time at all, and we were able to get the pizza in the oven right away. While the pizza was cooking we made some salads, topped with more peach, tomatoes, pepper, blueberries and oil and balsamic vinegar. It was a delicious, quick, and pretty healthy meal. This has definitely become a go to meal for us. Try it yourself and add any toppings you want!


– Frozen pizza crust – we used Trader Joe’s frozen organic pizza crusts, but anything works. We recently discovered this crust and love love love it! But feel free to make your own crust or use a gluten free one.

– Mozzarella

– Yellow peach

– Chicken – either pre-cooked chicken or cook your own

– Pizza sauce – normally we don’t use pizza sauce on this pizza but we had it in our fridge and decided to add it and it was really good.



1. Pre-heat oven per the pizza crust package’s instruction.

2. If using pizza sauce, spread sauce on top of the crust. Add mozzarella, peaches, chicken, and anything else you want!

3. Pop pizza in oven for however long the crust directions say (typically about 10 minutes)

4. Enjoy! Add a side salad to get some more veggies in your meal! Also, sometimes we make this without sauce and just put balsamic vinegar on top! Or sauce and vinegar… whatever sounds good.IMG_1398 IMG_1404 IMG_1411

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